Meditation to heal betrayal

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

This meditation intends to bring your smile back and stop the cycle of betrayal, disappointment, pain, regret, and fear, in which you could be caught.

Meditation to heal betrayal


I am open to enjoy bliss from the divine source. I am here, asking my spiritual masters, angels, and divine protectors, for their help to heal. I am open to the purifying divine energy, and I am ready to let go of any energy of betrayal, disappointment, pain, regret, and fear. I am here, with my heart open, as a child, to heal and to get my peace and smile back. Thank you.

I breathe and connect with the love of mother earth, of the elements, air, fire, and water. I am thankful for their support in this healing. I am on the top of a beautiful mountain, the sun is shining, and the breeze is caressing me. I am enjoying the sunshine in my heart. I smile at the mountain, at the sun, I am like a big tree, breathing here, it is wonderful. I receive love from mother nature, I also love what I am, I love the surroundings, I love life, I love this moment, I feel the energy of the universe connecting with me. I feel the energy in all my body, I invite and appreciate this universal peaceful and loving energy, which goes around my spine, and my chakras, and cleanse my body and feelings. I am here, breathing divine energy, at the top of the mountain, under the warm noon sunshine, my heart starts to sing. I allow this loving glow inside my heart, to expand through music, it is a tender tune, that knows every aspect of me, that is one with all. I see a rainbow on the horizon. I am open to this wonderful healing energy. I am safe.

Healing Meditation

I am here, in the house of my heart, cleaning all memories of loneliness, or sadness because my loved ones gave me no company in important moments of my life. I am here, letting go of all loneliness in my adult years, in my teen years, in my childhood years, in other lives… I see me, I hug me, I love me. I deserve to be here.

I am here, in the miracle of my heart, purifying any isolation, any experience of being unfrequented, of being abandoned, in a remote location, or between people who were not attuned with my feelings, who ignored my needs, who put deaf ears to my song. I am here, letting go of all isolation in all my life, in all my lives… I see me, I hug me, I love me, I deserve to be here, to be loved, to be hugged, to be seen and heard.

I am here, in the hug of my heart, noticing all programs of rejection, any moment when my loved ones dismissed and refused my ideas, my voice. I let it go. I am letting go of any fear of rejection, any experience when I needed love and I just found deception, empty words, lies, and broken hopes. All that is not my fault. I am here, I clean my heart and soul from all that negative energy… I see me, I hug me, I love me, I deserve to be here, to be loved, to be embraced, to be seen, to be recognized for who I truly am.

I am here, in the temple of my heart, I find the separation pain of all the broken relationships, divorce, betrayal, I see the fear, the rain. Thank you life, for teaching me what is pain, what is to be crying for uncountable moons. Now I let go. I open the windows of my heart, and I take out the pain, I throw out the trash, oh, It feels so well letting it all go. Now I welcome this shiny sun, this wonderful rainbow. I see me smiling, I see me enjoying this wonderful day, this new deserved freedom, I enjoy my clean heart, my perfumed soul, my tender song of self-acceptance and love. I embrace unity. I know I am my soul, I am one with God, therefore I am one with all.

I am here, in the center of my heart, truthfully, present, real. I can remember the moments when someone cheated on me, I remove all dishonest or unfair memories from my space, and I let go of all dark chi. I know it was not my fault when someone took advantage of my kindness. I exhale and let go of all this disappointment, from the present, past, or parallel lives. I breathe, I recognize my truth, my valuable being, my magic voice, and my faith. I welcome my most happy, enlighted, and correct path, I cultivate my correct perception, my correct and compassionate speech, and my right action. I respect myself, I know I deserve to be respected. I know I deserve truthful friendships and real love. I am ready to have a meaningful life.

I am here, in the universe of my heart, I ask my spiritual allies, to find and remove, any program or memory of betrayal, slavery, or fraud. Please divine beings, remove all pain and darkness associated with actions of treachery, bad faith, disloyalty, and perfidy. So much disappointment, and regret for what could have been. I let it all go out of my being. I connect with the kindness and support of the galaxy, and I receive a light that removes all this disappointment away from me. I gladly let go, dissolve all the cords that have bound me to this pain or persons who drain my energy, all this is gone now. I ask the creator, to source, to continue this purification until is finished, thank you. The negative energy flows out of my spine, and I let it all go. I am here, resilient, kind, renew, letting go of all darkness, I am as a Fenix, shining as a joyful child on Sunday noon. I embrace my inner child, I love my inner light, I love myself, I am worthy, I am enough, and I am immensely grateful for this healing.

I am here, over the rainbow and into my heart, I am surrounded by a rainbow fire, that burns and melts all regret, all pain, all the dark spots of my past, I am not there anymore, I am here, renewing my being, making space for a wonderful new me.

I am here, in the theater of my heart, listening to angry words, people screaming at me, worried about my reputation, about being a disappointment or an embarrassment for my loved ones. I release all those hurtful words from my ears and my heart, I let it all go. I am here, listening to the love of the mountain, of the center of mother earth, of the fresh wind, of the sun fire, the love of each drop of water in the sky, in the sea, in my blood, I am receiving the love from the universe, in this silence embrace of life, I am in love with my self.

I am here, in the abundance of my heart, I observe past experiences of scarcity, poverty, of terrible needs for basic needs such as health, housing, and food. I see my past disappointment about money, even my envy for those who enjoy and waste their richness. I ask my spiritual helpers, please, release, remove, and detach from me all these negative experiences, and any resistance to releasing them. Amén. I am here, recognizing with gratitude the abundance of life, the seed of generosity in my heart, the moments of flow, and the gifts I have had, those that I treasure with perfect gratitude. I am humbled and ready to heal my relationship with money.

I am here, in the nursery of my heart, remembering the pain of sickness, the suffering, the desperation associated will illness, the separation from my loved ones, and from the work that disease creates. I had to pause my life, to heal from injuries. I ask to be purified from all bacteria, viruses, and sickness, I am ready to let it all go. I am here, ready to be a perfect tool for God’s love. I smile, I receive this divine healing, and I am open to the blessings of balance, beauty, and radiant health. I am ready to accept and take care of the temple of my body, I am ready to nurture and listen to my emotions, and I am ready to learn how to be healthy.

I am here, in the temple of my heart, praying for the transmutation of any disappointment with organized religions or abusive spiritual leaders. I know that God transcends human collectives, incompetent persons, or doctrines. I let go of any disappointment I have had with bad use of spiritual energy, by dark magicians or witches. I let go of any negative decree made against me, by others, or by myself, consciously or unconsciously. I let go of any trauma created by the reactions of others to my spiritual beliefs, maybe even repression. I release all spiritual disappointment, any negative cord or program, I wash it all from all my body, from this and past lives, I let it all go to the creator, so aI can have a better relationship with the divine source. I am thankful for the universe, I thank you, angels, I thank you, spiritual team, for this assistance. I am ready to receive divine light in my heart, and in the heart of my crown, I have faith, I know I am a spiritual divine being living a human experience. I am open to divine grace.

I am here, in the landscape of my heart, facing moments when my talents and projects were received with indifference, lack of interest, I struggled, I shugged, I felt the indifference, I swam in a sea of apathy toward my ideas and arts. I let it all go, all the pain associated with being ignored, or being called useless. I ask my spiritual team, for their help and intervention, so I can have the will, discipline, and guidance, to make my ideas flourish and obtain acceptance and well-earned recognition. I am here, ready to serve, to grow the best version of my voice, and thankful for the flowers of gratitude of those who are enlighted by my words. I am ready to be true to myself, so I can be identified, and acknowledged, by those who share my passion.

I am here, in the magic of my heart, receiving a wonderful Northern Lights, warm golden pink rays, I am immersed in this magic purification, and transmutation, of course, I am ready to renew my life, to embrace my big dreams, to walk the new paths that I can now see in the horizon, to see germinate the new seeds that now I have on my bag. I even can choose to ride a unicorn to foresee these new panoramas and make the best decision. I am here, conscious that I have a human life to enjoy, to be happy, to play, love, sing, and dance, as much as I can. I know I am never alone because I always can call on my spiritual team, and the guardians of the earth. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity, of being alive, under the sun, over the earth, with a bright, warm, and beautiful heart in the center of my body. I have a necklace with a key, this key is my free will, I know I have the energy to make my life work. Yes, I can, I am uplifted, healed, inspired, redeem, and loved. I have all the permission I need to be a real and happy me.


I am here, feeling good with this chi, prana from the earth, and from the milky way galaxy. I bring this to my heart, this love from source and all the universe. My heart is full of the galaxies, of ascension energy, of divine assistance, of the best and most joyful flowers from paradise. Amen.

I am grateful, so grateful for this experience, thank you, angels, thank you spiritual beings, thank you mother earth, thank you, creator, thank you highest consciousness. My heart shines, I go back to the top of the mountain, and for a moment, I am like a small sun, my heart is radiating so much hope and faith, bright positive resolutions. Yes, I am, one with all, I have broken the illusion of separation, I know that I deserve to be here, my life has value, my voice has value, and my actions have an impact. So, I decide to have a positive impact, to be an ocean of love, a wisdom sun, a positive power on earth for the better good. I am responsible for myself, and that is to be responsible for a great universe, the cosmos that I am.

I am grateful for all the support, for all the kindness, for the divine love and grace, and the assistance to my healing, liberation, and evolution.

Amen. So be it.

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