Cherry Blossoms

It is spring and the city has been filled with a light purple hue, a gift from the jacaranda. I remember the sweet, pale pink of the cherry blossoms, the afternoons of chocolates and rain in Japanese parks, and your patient smile, which illuminates nature. Continúa leyendo Cherry Blossoms

Resurrection Blessings

Receive and share the high blessing of the iridescent, electric violet fire, of the flame of divinity, of the true activity of the spirit, of the flame that is your higher soul. I bless your flame, that you are aware of what you are and can use to bless the world. Continúa leyendo Resurrection Blessings

Affirmations for Self-Affirmation

Constantly making affirmations is, together with visualization and meditation, one of the tools to achieve our personal development. If you feel that this text resonates with your needs, print it out, learn it, recite it silently or aloud frequently, in a way that talks your unconscious. Blessings. Continúa leyendo Affirmations for Self-Affirmation

Yesterday wo Utatte; What is Love?

What is Love? Is it that we are willing to acknowledge what we need in our life? Or is it that we find ways to lie to ourselves to justify our loneliness with shields of longing for a past that will not return or for a future that will not be? Continúa leyendo Yesterday wo Utatte; What is Love?

The Kitsch Trend in Contemporary Aesthetics

Kitsch, this tendency has become a fascination in the contemporary cultural products. Take a look around the social media and music video predominant style. Perhaps it is your guilty pleasure or the reflection of your passion; kitsch is here to stay. Continúa leyendo The Kitsch Trend in Contemporary Aesthetics