To Love is to share

Love, love:

Again I try to seduce you erotically with virtual letters, how can I excite you through a keyboard? So close to fantasy to make wishes happen. Oh! We have only one place to go, the precinct where we feed on our bodies like juicy tropical fruits. I want to surrender my senses to our libertarian encounter, to the rituals of minutes in love, in which we share secrets through the memory of touch, the will of breaths at the same rhythm, of silky and perfumed visions.

I wish to celebrate our communion, the poems cultivated with closed eyes, the simultaneous enjoyment of our existence. Tell me, tell me, give me your secrets with the runs of your tongue between my lips. I love your moist skin between the silences of our bindweed bodies. I want to hear from your voice the story of your thirst between my creases… licking the senses you accelerate the pulsations of time. You have grown between my cavities, threatening to penetrate the space that my body occupies, you defy the laws of reality. I could swear that you remain within me since love has led us beyond the physical and the astral, to the realm of the centre of our hearts, which are the door and the key to spiritual potentialities. We humbly follow the path traced by the Song of Solomon, the passionate verses of Rumi, in the aspiration that our love be part of the process of revelation that we have waited for so many lives.

I love to find ourselves in the evening, hungry, eager to lose ourselves in our appetites for a warm bath, for honey-flavoured fruit, for tender perversion… Come to me, embrace me with the sweetness of dark and luminous kisses. Reveal to me the emotions that spring from your soul, let us receive the flame of eternity in an instant. How many seasons will we share this sea, this race over the valleys of the world, through the stars and the galaxies? Lovingly, hold my hand close to your heart, love me with the rhythm of a warm tide, in the colour of carmine without shadow.

If two kiss, the world changes, desires incarnate, thought incarnates, wings sprout on the back of the slave, the world is real and tangible, wine is wine, bread knows again, water is water (…) the world changes if two look at and recognize each other, to love is to undress of names.

Stone of Sun. Octavio Paz.

You know that I desire you tirelessly and endlessly, that I always return to your heart, to strip us of time and love us in the light of loving consciousness. I lose the direction through which your love comes to me because it does not matter that you are distant, you make yourself present every day. I appreciate the meeting of our souls, who share constellations, epiphanies and blessings.

Thank you, love, I send you blessings of luminous love and generous sharing.

Iris Aggeler

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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