Cherry Blossoms

It is spring and the city has been filled with a light purple hue, a gift from the jacaranda. I remember the sweet, pale pink of the cherry blossoms, the afternoons of chocolates and rain in Japanese parks, and your patient smile, which illuminates nature. Continúa leyendo Cherry Blossoms

Affirmations for Self-Affirmation

Constantly making affirmations is, together with visualization and meditation, one of the tools to achieve our personal development. If you feel that this text resonates with your needs, print it out, learn it, recite it silently or aloud frequently, in a way that talks your unconscious. Blessings. Continúa leyendo Affirmations for Self-Affirmation

How can You develop yourself personally?

Are you interested in working on your Personal Development? I offer you books, articles and workshops with tools such as: Emotional Literacy, Visualization, Meditation & Affirmations.
We also provide programs specifically focused on Improving Relationships, Healing Sexuality, Knowing and Creating Art of Spiritual Protection, and Cultivating Higher Soul Consciousness. Continúa leyendo How can You develop yourself personally?

Yesterday wo Utatte; What is Love?

What is Love? Is it that we are willing to acknowledge what we need in our life? Or is it that we find ways to lie to ourselves to justify our loneliness with shields of longing for a past that will not return or for a future that will not be? Continúa leyendo Yesterday wo Utatte; What is Love?

Kundalini Manifesto

Kundalini Manifesto – Ra’al Ki Victorieux. Potency and erotic and creative knowledge. Sex is sacred. When done properly, it manifests as the divine union of two souls, union with their higher souls and eventually union with everything. Continúa leyendo Kundalini Manifesto

Uterus Healing Meditation

Uterus Healing Meditation. The female reproductive system keeps in its cellular memory the energy footprint of each sexual encounter, and the patterns related to sexuality in our bloodline. Continúa leyendo Uterus Healing Meditation