Resurrection Blessings

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

Hallelujah, the Lord Jesus Christ is risen!

Hallelujah, the holy divinity has risen!

Hallelujah, I am, I am risen!

May the blessings of this Easter reach your heart and resurrect your love for life and abundance, remember that Jesus has ascended for all, for each person in humanity, you have the right to share his glory.

May the blessings of Holy Mary, who has ascended and cares for us with motherly love, manifest in your life, heart and mind.

May the blessings of divinity be expressed in your life and in that of your loved ones, may you always walk in the awareness of the great and glorious presence that you are.

Open your heart and mind to the phrase of Jesus «I am the resurrection and the life», surrender each one of your cells to this truth, so that you receive the blessing of this affirmation, of the great presence of the inner God.

Receive the blessings when you pronounce with faith «I am the path, the life and the truth», recognize the power of divinity acting within each one of your cells, renewing your DNA in the highest light.

May the blessings of your higher soul, of your guardian angels, of your luminous teachers, show you the key that allows you to eliminate all imperfections or discord, transmute each memory, and find yourself full in light and love right now.

Resurrection Blessings

Receive the blessings of affirming «I am the resurrection and the life», «I am the resurrection and the life», «I am the resurrection and the life», observe the rise of your energy and consciousness.

For the grace and motive of love, I bless you from the heart of the Golden City, from the central Sun, welcome the vibrations of light, sound and word that will resurrect in you wisdom, great love, and constructive power.

I send you resurrection blessings, that make you aware that your inner child is still alive in you, bless it with deep love, your inner adolescent is still alive in you, bless it with the joyful acceptance of your divine self-affirmation, your brightest dreams are still alive in you, bless your desires and higher realizations with the flame of the risen God.

Be glad to be able to see the shadows that you must eliminate, correct, transmute in yourself, you have the opportunity and the blessing to act with wisdom, love and will.

May God bless your determination to act with immense determination, to resurrect and renew every cell, every thought, emotion and positive action in your present, may your relationships, projects and properties be blessed.

I bless your healing and healing power, may you be healed, may you heal your communities with your presence and influence, may divine wisdom illuminate your conscience so that you promote the healing of nations, may you radiate in the world the blessings of light, love and peace.

I bless you with a ring of protection when you find yourself in places of discord; Remember that at every moment you can invoke, put into action, thank the omnipresent protector and omnipotent divine intelligence that dwells in you.

I bless your resurrection and your life, that you have faith and certainty of the divinity that lives in you, which is you.

I bless the energy you use in each action, may you have the wisdom to set your course, may you be happy.

I bless the light that illuminates every cell of your being, the light that gives magic to your senses and feelings, I bless your emotional body, may you always live in love, grace and bliss, may you be well.

I bless your intelligence, your wisdom, which allows you to perceive and thereby build the universe, which directs your efforts and builds your strength.

I bless the limitless ubiquitous substance that you can use and bring into form, your creative power, your intuition, inspiration and transcendent poetry.

I bless your freedom, that you flow like water, that you bathe in the breeze, that the flowers crown your head, that the earth supports your steps, that the fire vivifies your heart and your blood.

I bless your gratitude, that your song is a bird free from bondage, that any negative contract against you is cancelled, that negative chains or contraptions are dissolved in light, that any rope or cord that diminishes your energy be removed from your bodies, may the eagles teach you the highest and freest flights, self-control, positive self-affirmation.

I bless your senses, that you achieve an understanding of the present, of the visible and invisible things, of the tangible and intangible things, of the sentient beings, of the love that the Earth and the Heavens have for your infinite soul.

May the risen and ascended Jesus bless you, and may you receive and remember his blessing.

Rejoice in the words that work miracles, and sing «I am the resurrection and the life», to activate the cosmic laws with your conscious direction, and be a witness and prophet of their wonders.

Receive and share the high blessing of the iridescent, electric violet fire, of the flame of divinity, of the true activity of the spirit, of the flame that is your higher soul. I bless your flame, that you are aware of what you are and can use to bless the world.

Amen, amen, amen.

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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