The Invitation of the Resurrection

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John tell us about the resurrection of Jesus, what do they tell us about? How can this ancient teaching resonate with our conflicts today? The story goes that after the crucifixion and the Stations of the Cross, Jesus Christ was buried. Then, the priests and Pharisees met with Pilate, to request that the tomb be guarded, «lest his disciples come at night and steal it and tell the people ‘He rose from the dead’.» The Sabbath passes, and at dawn on the first day of the week, Maria de Magdala, better known as Maria Magdalena and the other María went to the tomb, then an earthquake occurred. An angel descended from heaven, rolled away the stone, and sat on it. The guards then became paralyzed, and the angel said to the women «Do not be afraid».

If we consider that each one of us has an inner God, and we have hidden this many times out of fear of our light, we have denied it, even buried under the ground… Understandably, the resurrection of our true essence causes a tremor, a jolt. Then the old structures collapse, prejudices, harsh judgments, limitations, hypocrisy, false innocence, fears and the comfort zone cease to exist… this is how stars are born, this is how light and life are made. To discover faith, inner strength, divinity, is an act of the brave, it is a work of the soul. And maybe then, an angel will come to us and say «do not fear, it is not the end, on the contrary, it is a wonderful beginning».

The Invitation of the Resurrection

In the Gospel of Matthew, we are told that the angel affirms: «I know that you are looking for Jesus the crucified. He is not here, because he has risen, as he said.» The dead, the crucified does not exist except in memory. From the resurrection Jesus is another, it is the moment when he is a being beyond death, descends to hell, rises to earth and ascends to heaven, when he achieves the magnificent alchemy.

When we are aware of ourselves, we realize that one is that who observes us, and another is the one we observe… Then, who is this that I have thought all my life that «I» am, that «I» that Sometimes I can’t take it anymore, that victim and perpetrator, that crucified body that I interpret between depressions and violence? And more importantly, who is that point of consciousness that I Am, observing that «old me»? Let us find our magnificent spiritual resurrection, let us prove that we are immortal beings, let us surrender to the brilliance of our light. Our soul has gone through various lives and bodies, dimensions and planets, eternity and infinity, there is no reason to fear when we become one with our higher soul.

The guards bear witness to the priests of what has happened, and these authorities pay them to declare that the disciples stole the body while they slept. The women are going to tell what they have seen to the apostles, and they go to a mountain to find Christ, who then motivates them to spread the light: «All power has been given to me in heaven and on earth. Go, therefore, of all nations make disciples, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have prescribed for you. And behold, I am with you every day, until the end of time.»

We can also pause and remember what the various religions or spiritual schools tell us about death, sacrifice, conscience, resurrection, spiritual unity, service so that higher and higher notes can enter in human life, bringing light, love, and joy and freedom.

The top of a mountain is the centre of who we are, our diverse bodies, identities throughout countless lives, the legacies of the ancestors, the planet, and even more. It is in that centre of the immensity that we are that we must remember the power that represents the life that is given to us. We have agency, the freedom to choose to put our days in the service of light, love, and peace or to give up our splendour. We can recognize that we are always a crowd, that constantly the love of the planet and the heavens inhabit us so that we share it with our environment, or ignore our wealth. Choosing light, life is the path that the resurrection presents us and invites us to follow. We are all apostles of the best version that we can become, that we are, that only asks us to free ourselves from the collection of shadows and rags, Stations of the Cross, crucifixions, tombs, isolation and mourning, with which we have become fond of. Let’s allow ourselves to be new, to be infinitely loving, breathtakingly bright, full of grace. That is the Easter invitation. Some will work for their neighbours, others for education, or to alleviate hunger, to give better treatment to animals, or for education in universal human rights, or any other good causes. As more people realize their potential, awaken it and act accordingly, our societies will be a better place to live.

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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