Cancer Prevention and Healing

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

In this article I present information about cancer, as well as some tips for prevention and healing in early stages, by addressing the emotional and spiritual aspects.

I. Statistics and Aggravators

The most common types of cancer are lung, colon and prostate, breast, pancreas, liver, and eyes. In Mexico, 191,000 cases of cancer are diagnosed per year, of which 84,000 die. These figures place it as the third cause of mortality in the country and the second in Latin America.

Homeless individuals are found to have a higher percentage of cancer. Data for New York City from 2001 to 2003 showed a cancer death rate of 471 per 100,000 for the homeless, compared with a rate of 247 per 100,000 in the general adult population. Another group with the greatest increase in the standardized mortality rate (SMR) due to cancer are people who are incarcerated. Compared to the general population from 1.2 to 1.9.

If the reader knows something about the energy human body, that is, the aura and the chakras, then is aware that the health of the energy body is manifested in the health of the physical organs. When we store negative emotions – anger, resentment, anger, sadness, worthlessness, helplessness, etc. – this is contamination in the chakras. Prisoners, as well as the homeless, – and also people who have gone through trauma, unresolved grief, etc. – experience a large number of negative emotions which is reflected in their higher incidence of cancer. Lung and breast cancer is mainly related to emotions, conflicts to feel loved, to love oneself, in the manifestation of our love to others, or in the damage we have done to the love relationships of others. If the disease is related to the colon, it is often related to situations of poverty, financial bankruptcies, loss of home, or damage to the wealth of others. If the disease is related to the pancreas or liver, it may be more associated with anger management problems.

Sometimes mourners claim that a relative who has died of cancer was perfect and did not have any emotional or financial problems. I do not intend to damage the memory of those who are no longer here, on the contrary, I wish them lots of light. The reason for publishing and sharing this information is to help those who may be in an early stage of the disease, and some of the above may help them regain health. Sometimes illnesses come from karma: not only from this life, but also from past lives, or from lineage actions. Furthermore, we do not always expose our problems to others, and we even «repress» our conflicts for ourselves. That is to say, sometimes, we are the jailer and the prisoner of ourselves, to «avoid feeling something unpleasant», but this, like a pressure cooker, will only generate more pressure and will look for a way to shout at us to pay attention to who we are, in what we feel.

II. Symptoms and Early Detection

It is important to watch for symptoms so that you can be cared for when the disease is at an early stage. Some of the symptoms in adults are: nausea, vomiting, wounds that do not heal, unusual bleeding, change in urination habits, growing mole, difficulty swallowing, bothersome cough, indigestion, fever. In children, symptoms can be: paleness, weight loss, wounds that do not heal, vision problems (a white spot is detected in the eyes when taking pictures of the person), headache, persistent pain, recurrent temperature or sweating nocturnal, irritability, tiredness, unusual bleeding, bruising, blood in urine.

With current nanotechnology, Dr. Weissleder from the Center for Systems Biology of the MGH’s, Massachusetts General Hospital can detect tumors in a drop of blood in two hours. According to research published in Nature Biomedical Engineering, in the not too distant future, we will have smart toilets that will be able to detect multiple diseases, including some cancers, kidney diseases, and irritable bowel syndrome.

While we have access to such nanotechnology diagnostics, it is good that we at least order a blood test periodically, which can detect cancer early. Women also need to know how to perform a breast examination, and men, a prostate examination.

Cancer Prevention and Healing. Atma Unum. Ra'al Ki Victorieux

III. Possibility of Healing

The sooner the disease is detected, the greater the chance of healing. It is considered that if the disease has an advance of up to 20% it is smooth. With an advance up to 40%, it is average. When the progression of the disease is 40 to 60%, the contamination is considered acute and the healing prognosis is poor.

When we have a child patient, many times this child inherits the disease from the clan, from the family. Sometimes this can be linked to the cruelty that some ancestors exercised against others. When there are lineages that constantly present cancer, it is suggested that the people of that genealogical tree dedicate time to heal karma, with meditations to heal the family tree, and actions such as helping sick patients, either by donating to organizations, or supporting the dissemination of information for prevention, etc.

If an adult patient with cancer detects the disease at an early stage, he must seek his healing both through traditional medicine known as allopathy, with medications, etc., as well as through an act of deep reflection and personal, emotional, spiritual healing.

  • What is this disease good for? Am I seeking to be a victim and gain attention? Do I tend to despise myself, or do I want to give up life?
  • What does this disease want to teach me? What is my body screaming at me that I have not given myself a chance to hear?
  • What changes do I want and can make in my life to heal and be happy? What is the stamina I have to heal, or to life and joy?

We all make mistakes, that’s the way we learn, so it’s good to practice forgiveness for yourself and others to free ourselves from resentments and grudges. Of course, it is also important that we raise awareness, that we recognize the mistakes we have made, the damage we have caused, we ask for forgiveness, and we promise not to intentionally harm others again.

When the person wants to believe in their healing and work for it. You can seek accompaniment with a therapist in psychology, bio-decoding, energy healing, pranic, etc. Some of the tools that can help you are:

  1. Emotional Literacy: Learn to feel, name, and manage your sensations and emotions. Resolve the duels or traumas that you may be carrying and have not yet resolved. Be aware that we are spiritual beings living a human experience. If you need to make peace with the fact that we are all going to die at some point, reading «The Tibetan Book of the Dead» is very useful, as it helps you to become spiritually aware.
  2. Meditation, Affirmations, and Visualizations: Mainly to activate loving-kindness, pink and gold energy, forgiveness, activation of the heart, mercy, the violet flame, the energy transmutation, and the liberation of all negativity. The visualization of a state of peace, harmony, happiness, and full health.
  3. Philosophical and psychological reflections: Recognize and embrace an ethical and moral compass, human values ​​and resilience. Be clear about your reason for being. Also try to «put order» in your affairs, inheritances, documents, it is better to prevent.
  4. Healthy eating: It is better that you eat less heavy foods, red meat, and eat more fruits and vegetables. In particular, foods that have green prana can be useful: Aspirin, bee propolis, vitamin B-17, chlorophyll. Foods with orange prana: garlic. As well as ginger, citrus, etc. When you are very anxious, drink infusions, sweet herbal teas: chamomile, mint, peppermint, flowers, etc.
  5. Healthy habits: Perform at least light exercises (if your physical condition allows it) that give movement to your joints. Breathing exercises are also helpful.

IV. Prayers

Saint Ezequiel Moreno died of cancer, and was canonized after various testimonies of people healing from this disease. One of the sentences to invoke his help is:

Jesus Christ, you who have embraced the Cross. Keep in mind to (patient’s name) who suffers from the illness. Strengthen him with your spirit. Give him patience in pain and strength in faith. May he feel comforted by you. May Saint Ezequiel Moreno take him under his protection. Amen.

An affirmation in which the patient decrees that he is healing is:

My mind, my emotions, and my body are being cleansed. I Am assimilating the divine healing energy. My chakras, my meridians, and every particle of my body are being cleansed, energized, and healed. I Am healing. By my own free will and with gratitude, I accept the divine healing energy with gratitude and in full faith.

V. More Information

Some of the books that are recommended for cancer patients are:

-El Cáncer Domesticado, (The Domesticated Cancer), by Leon Renard.

-You Can Fight For Your Life: Emotional Factors in the Treatment of Cancer (1980), by Lawrence Leshan.

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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