XIX. Solar sphinx or literary couch to meet us

Damaris Disner

And you freeze because there are too many labels around preventing you from moving forward. Labels that you did not ask for, you do not even recognize, are foreign to you but have limited you until imposing the path by which you drag your feet with the concern of finding a little water to drink, bathe, get rid of guilt, lewd looks, discomfort. Revitalize yourself.

As is only Just «XIX. Solar sphinx. Memories of Vamp Iris Atma Ra» is a revitalizing, loving and liberating cocktail. While still intense and at times with a touch of cyanide to remind us that you can kill subtly.

Thirty years of activism, performance, research in the visual and scenic disciplines unfold on its pages. Impossible to make it conventional because it would not have the essence of its creator. Ra’al Ki is transformed into four entities Vamp Iris Atma Ra, Mav Atma Ra, Vav Atma Ra and Venus Victoria Atma Ra. To publish; we women, had to change our name, to hide what we want to express freely without judgment or criticism. Most were male names because there was only voice and vote for them. And even though our name is identity, no one in this world chose it. That is why it is so important to decide to rename ourselves, it allows us to create ourselves. To learn to see ourselves without fear, to discover all the possibilities that make us revolutionary, resilient and analytical. I think Ra’al Ki Victorieux sheds light on the darkness of submission and disenchantment.

Podcast XIX. Solar Sphinx

I have read more than once “XlX. Solar Sphinx ”. Literary, psychological and metaphysical texts came to me. Also confessions through holistic therapies. Its reading is accompanied by events, flashes, sentences so that it does not go unnoticed. It goes beyond entertainment, speculation, curiosity. It is confessional and places us in the «situation, strategy and tactics». The author describes the technique “as a process of recapitulation to liberate”.

For Vamp “the sphinx is more than a character, an alter ego or heteronym. Vamp has become the reflection and creation of a lifestyle; it is a testimony that seduces us in her impersonal drama”. We could say that it is a literary couch that risks intimacy to recognize ourselves as a solidarity tribe where creativity and sexuality are the pillars. Watching them guiltless sister us.

You no longer drag your feet to find some water, you have realized that they are transmuted into wings to drink from the consciousness that defines your destiny. 

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Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Thank you.

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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