Kundalini Manifesto

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

Prose version

Potency and erotic and creative knowledge. Sex is sacred. When done properly, it manifests as the divine union of two souls, union with their higher souls and eventually union with everything. 

We exhort all people to create lovingly and spiritually from their sexuality and desire. To enrich the culture with the multiple aesthetics of love pleasure. We defend the healthy sexual foundation that roots us in Mother Earth and allows us to bear fruit in offspring, discourse or cultural symbol; physical creativity and cultural creativity. Sexuality has an intrinsic relationship with will, knowledge and its manifestations in word and deeds. Hence, we must respect the energy of sexual potency and improve our way of transmuting it so that it keeps our heart, mind, and soul evolving.

May the wonderful flower of six orange and red petals in our pubis be strong and bright. May we know how to thank and bless our vital experiences, and our intimate encounters. May the energy and emotions that travel our delights walk, below the navel, be nutritious for us and for those whom we choose in our universe. May our instinct feed the fantasy, free from prejudices or severe judgments, full of mercy and gratitude for the gifts of life. May our freedom, joy of being and flourish be a light, a lighthouse, a guide for those who still withdraw into themselves, and seek how to open themselves to universal love.

Let’s dance between orgasms, in fantasies, free of blame, in the subtle space of the loving, sexual and concerted encounter, adult, fulfilled,  powerful and wonderful. May Eros, loving cupid, guide those who see sex as a way of combat or manipulation, back to their heart. Because only through the light of love, sex ceases to be hypocrisy, betrayal, violence, power struggle, crime, guilt and tragedy and can become appropriate food for the being of each one, and the being of the Anima Mundi that we all are.

We invite conscious creatives to actively disseminate works of art, design and crafts, which educate on sexual rights, ways of preventing sexually transmitted diseases, recognition of emotionality and sexual satisfaction, the mystique of female and lunar cycles, of childbirth, herbalism for hormonal and bodily systems health, awakening and transmutation of kundalini energy, sexual and psychological healing for those who have gone through the trauma of love farce with prisons in chains of falsehoods or threats. Trauma can be one of the chains that most strongly unite couples and communities.

It is urgent to visualize and debate about our instinct and its manifestation and find collective healing. This is an inclusive call, we speak to the reader in general, and also to the sexually handicapped, impotents, fly-persignados, hyper-regulated, hypersexualized, stereo sexuals, puritans, victims of sexual harassment or discrimination, sentenced to capital punishment for their sexual orientation, post-porno feminist and queer activists, rapists, rape victims, sexual torturers, avengers of victims, corrupt legislators, libidinous and insensitive obstetricians, disabled or variously functional, blind and gossiping societies, pedophile priests, prostitutes, pimps, madrotas, proxenêtas, pornographers, ritualists of violence, slavers, innocents, innocents, losts, indifferents, asexuals, libertarian Quixotes, Transformers, Educators, Sex Reformers; everyone… Let’s find together ways to see each other’s eyes, purify our sexual energy and ancestral bloodlines with ultraviolet light, recognize the heart we share. Let’s summon sex full of love and poetry, and achieve the art of pleasure through piety and freedom. We are sovereign and luminous souls. Let us exchange judgments for understanding and empathy, indifference and capitalist objectification for reverence for life in every heart, let us stop considering that our value is given by accumulation, waste, saturation, and learn the subtle art of prudence, synthesis and poetry.

Let us learn the seduction of respect and care, of kindness, affection and courtesy around the sexual. Let us find in the instinct a guide for and by love, and not against it: Let us evolve, Love, Make Love, Be Masters of Sexual Transmutation, of Higher Creativity, of Development of Consciousness and Union with Divinity and with Everything. Our children need to stop being the international victims of the perverse instinct, please, let’s build for all an inheritance of wise and sacred sexuality. Let’s do it now, calmly, and without rest, with joy. 


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Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Thank you.

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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