Open Call for Selfies and Video on Social Networks “Conceptual Manifesto for a Patrimony Law”

Mexico City, July 5, 2021

Imagine that one day you come across an eviction order from your own home, imagine that when you seek help, the lawyers take money from you and do not do their job, imagine that they intimidate you into leaving your home. Thousands of families do not imagine it; this is their sad reality, leaving them homeless, without the money already invested in the purchase of their assets, without the right to a decent home. The Mexico City Attorney General’s Office reports that in 2020 there was an average of NINE DAILY evictions in the City, that is thousands of evictions a year in the country.

For this situation, we make a photo and video open call. Do you support us with a grain of sand? How?


Upload to your social networks a selfie with a sign in which you put the following hashtags: #PatrimonyLaw #HousingRights #SocialJustice #StopRealEstateFraud #HumanRights #MoratoryNow #StopEvictions #ConceptualManifesto, or a video in which you read them.

If you prefer, download and print the following images, and hold them in your photo or video:

#PatrimonyLaw #HousingRights #SocialJustice #StopRealEstateFraud #HumanRights #MoratoryNow #StopEvictions #ConceptualManifesto
#PatrimonyLaw #HousingRights #SocialJustice #StopRealEstateFraud #HumanRights #MoratoryNow #StopEvictions #ConceptualManifesto

You can also read the following text, or tell your experience if something similar has happened to you, or add your opinion on the matter:

Video Message Proposal

I (name or pseudonym) of (place, country), declare that there is an urgent need for a Patrimony Law that promotes the right to housing, that puts a stop to real estate fraud and the dispossession orchestrated by the corruption of real estate, banks, fiduciary, politicians and lawyers. It is time to show that the laws are really for citizens, “We want Options and Solutions.”
Housing is a right that is protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, various International Treaties signed by Mexico and has a history of protection in international jurisprudence. We ask the authorities to protect this right in every citizen so that we all have a home. No more illicit enrichment of the few in exchange for the dispossession of the many. We need to STOP the 9 daily evictions in Mexico City and the thousands of evictions each year in the country. I manifest my support for a Patrimony Law in which we are assured of what is rightfully ours, and I invite you to add your voice to this movement.

Every person should have a safe, decent, accessible, and affordable home as a fundamental right.
We must create a country that provides economic, social, and environmental justice for all.
Equal Justice by Law.
We must succeed in the fundamental fight for economic justice.
People know that we need to reform a broken and criminal justice system.
We must create an economy that works for everyone, not just for the very rich.
When working families unite, we win.
When men and women are united by justice, we win.
Fight gentrification, exclusionary zoning, segregation, and speculation.
There is no justice when so few have so much and so many so little.
A great nation is one in which justice, equality, and dignity prevail for all.
When people come together for justice, we win.


Please also send us your photo or video to so we can share it at:

  • All people of any age and nationality can participate in this open call.
  • We appreciate your help with sharing and promotion.
  • This call begins in July 2021 and will be valid until the end of November 2021.
  • To all the people who send their images, we will send them the electronic book in which we will collect all the entries.
  • Participation in this call automatically implies acceptance of these rules.
  • You can find more information on the situation that gives context to this call in the link:
  • We also invite you to follow us on our social networks:

We thank you if you help us to spread this call by sharing this message. You can also download the .pdf (English – Spanish version) at the following link:



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