How would you feel facing the eviction from your home?

How would you feel if they wanted to take away your home, or unfairly and violently evict one of your loved ones from the place where they have lived for decades?

My artistic name is Ra’al Ki Victorieux, my official name is Iris Merino Aggeler, I am dedicated to creation and education in art and personal development. I am currently going through a process of terrible real estate corruption. My mother, Mrs. Martha Aggeler, bought the property where I live in Miguel Hidalgo town hall more than 16 years ago with a mortgage loan. After paying more than 80% of the property, the company “Su Casita” went bankrupt and the debt was successively sold to Santander, to ING, that is, banks and insurers, in the end, it was acquired by HSBC, who sued my mother for the debt. She hired Munir Tanous Age, Mauricio Tanous, from Mexico City, and Amin Cholac Manzur, from Chiapas, who charged fees and yet did not make a defense, they left her legally defenseless, so my mother appeared in absentia before the judge even though she was being deceived by these jurists whom she paid. Due to this fraud, the department went to auction and the debt was bought by José Luis Ramos and Fusther de Flota, a public servant who has aspired to appear in popularly elected positions. He was part of the team of the former governor of Puebla, Rafael Moreno Valle. Ramos and Fusther de Flota intend to evict me. My mother asked the authorities for help with a public letter through, and even though we have more than 88 thousand signatures of support, the authorities have turned a deaf ear. Although we try to be heard in the hearings offered by AMLO, Sheinbaum, and Romo, we have only come across “doormen”, lawyers who tell us that there is nothing to do and that the authority in question cannot listen to us personally. Ramos y Fusther de Flota, and companies such as Pendulum Asociados, and Sofom Vivienda, have sold this property for more than 6 years since while the litigation has lasted it has been advertised without pause on various Internet sites. I am not a law expert, and although I have requested an injunction since I have had possession of the property for almost twenty years, it has been denied until now. I live with the terror that they will take me out of my home by force, I fear losing my work material that is my life file, so I request the support of the authorities: We want a fair sentence, we request the opportunity to keep the home and pay without usury. We Mexicans need a Law for the Protection of Heritage, which defends individuals from the greed of large companies, banks, finance companies, and corrupt politicians.

Real estate corruption in the face of Romo’s indifference (from Morena, who has been in office for 9 years) in Miguel Hidalgo is the point of a national cancer

We are living the tip of an iceberg; a national cancer. There is no law that puts a stop to real estate corruption that has skyrocketed in the Mexican Republic. This mafia manifests itself in various ways. Either by building more floors than are allowed in urban planning policies. By illegally appropriating government property to build private properties. By -as in my case- charging usurious interest to debtors, in such a way that they increase their debt and “eat” what they have paid for the property, while those who buy the debt see the interest on their acquisition grow without move a finger. Also, we have seen that after years of the Mexico City earthquake, neither construction companies nor officials have been sanctioned for issuing safety reports for buildings -even schools- with construction failures, which caused great losses of property. and human lives. Terrible is also when we witness institutionalized dispossession: in a corrupt scheme, the PGJ deprives individuals of their property, to offer such properties to developers. Or the corruption of authorities that ask for millions to grant construction permits.

We need collective complaints, a map of corruption, more transparency, greater simplification and regulatory modernization, and a Law for the Protection of Heritage that puts people and their right to housing as a priority, that provides them with the certainty of legal protection and stops the excessive illicit enrichment of a few.

Thank you

This could happen to anyone, to you, to your children. If something similar has happened to you, please contact me at to organize a collective lawsuit.

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