Explaining Real Estate Dispossession

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

You have been told that buying a property will give you that security you long for.

A home is one of the great investments of your life.

It deserves your careful consideration. The heritage you choose will have a great impact on your future. Think carefully about what real estate loan to acquire, or not just trust that the financial company that gives you an alternative “has your best interest in mind.” What you should know is that there is a large network between financial ducklings, lawyers who do not defend whoever hires them, politicians who pretend that “nothing happens”, and judges who give sentences in favor of a real estate mafia. This they have done to steal property with mismanagement of law, and generate the illicit enrichment of a few.

If “Su Casita”, real estate, had been honest when selling us the apartment …

Here at “Su Casita” we help you with the credit you need to buy your property without worrying about anything other than signing. So you can occupy yourself with more important things like choosing what to decorate your new space with, in a way that impresses your old self, and puts your future self to shame. For now, you are young (or naive) and do not know much about anything. Perhaps you could spend your time learning about loans and foreclosures, so you can understand how we are setting you up here. Inflation, interest rate. If you fall behind in a monthly payment, you will have to pay it many times more. But do not worry, we have designed the contract so that you do not realize the true risk you run, or the financial responsibility you have incurred.

“The house deeds that they give you with a mortgage loan are not real, they are conditioned to the full payment of the debt, so you actually do not own the property, only the debt.”

If the financial company decides to “go bankrupt”, (which may only be on paper, because it could be operating under another name, or disappear only for a few years and reappear after a while), you still have to pay the debt. There are no offices where to pay? What they do not tell you to whom they sell your debt? It seems that you are 5 years old and you are in a ball game with 20-year-old people who never let you touch the ball – you debt-, until they sue you? It is not a problem, at least not for the financial company, because he already had the properties insured in case of bankruptcy, or not being paid. “Su Casita” is covered by insurance, and also sells your debt for, say, one peso to Santander Vivienda. Then Santander wins because it sells the debt for two pesos to ING, then ING wins because it sells your debt for three pesos to HSBC, and now HSBC sues you and wants to collect not only the three pesos it paid for your debt, but the amount total of the property as if you had never paid anything, eight or ten pesos, or more. Everyone wins, except the “owner” of the debt. Oh! In addition, HSBC wins recognition for the third consecutive year as “the best bank in Mexico in the quality of its services.” Probably that and other recognitions can be bought with the interest that it charges for debts to people like you. The exponential growth of your debt is making a bank or finance company richer from the moment you sign that contract for your property.

Don’t worry if your parents were able to buy a house when they were your age. With today’s economy, you could only afford one if you were a finance company owner, bank manager, or magistrate. True, the judges are invited to meals of at least ten thousand pesos so that they allow the financiers “legally” to sell the assets of thousands of people. The new reality is that it is almost impossible for you to be able to pay your debt if you are charged ordinary interest, arrears, more commissions, on interest for the monthly payments that you did not pay when you did not know to whom, and at an interest rate that does not include the cost of inflation or UDIs, and that it does not refinance the total amount of the debt in accessible monthly payments. That is why more than 95% of people who go through these situations lose their assets. And when you ask for legal help, Mexico City attorneys will remind you of that statistic to try to take away all hope of preserving your inheritance.

Doesn’t the government intervene so that citizens can access reliable real estate loans? No, government officials are more interested in making a profit on the pie, a percentage of what is earned when your debt is sold multiple times, to different organizations, outside of your control, and without notifying you of it. They can do whatever they want with your debt.

José Luis Ramos and Fushter de Flota, name men, buy debts, TAKES properties from elderly women

This is how on any given day a person you don’t know, for example, José Luis Ramos and Fusther from Flota, can happily knock on your door and tell you with a smile “-Hey, I just bought your debt, and I’m allowing you to pay it multiplied by five, or by six, to pay me for like 50 years, but hey, time is money, right? “

Thank you

This doesn’t just happen to my mother and me, it could happen to anyone, to you, to your children. If something similar has happened to you, please contact me at unumatma@gmail.com to organize a collective lawsuit.

More information in this link https://atmaunum.com/justicia/

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