Affirmations for Self-Affirmation

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

Constantly making affirmations is, together with visualization and meditation, one of the tools to achieve our personal development. If you feel that this text resonates with your needs, print it out, learn it, recite it silently or aloud frequently, in a way that talks your unconscious. Blessings.

I. Positive Self-affirmation

I am recognizing and expressing my needs, ideas and emotions.

I am able to say what I have in mind, my thoughts, dreams, concerns, judgments, in a clear and orderly way.

I am freely expressing who I am.

I am recognizing my sensations, emotions and feelings, and I have the ability to translate them into words and share them.

I am affirming my capacities, abilities and virtues.

I am catching what I want and what feeds me.

I Am saying yes to life, and opening the door to opportunities and positive relationships.

I Am acting to defend my beliefs and well-being.

I am in full capacity to remain calm in the face of any criticism or attack, to judge or reject what attacks me.

I am in control of my judgments, convictions, to reject what goes against my well-being.

I am defending myself with strategy.

I Am aware that it is okay to have limits and enforce them in my relationships.

I am informed about my rights and responsibilities, values ​​and vices, and I clearly express my complaints, opinions and suggestions.

I am in the strength to close the door to what I do not want in my life.

I am with the ability to open the door to let go of my life what I do not need, do not want, stink, is useless, or negative.

I am, I have the full right to free myself from severe judgments, shame or guilt projected by any person, be it family, friendship or a stranger.

I am strengthened to free myself from all cowardice and I have the courage to let go of attachments, hurts, addictions, destructive relationships, inherited or acquired patterns or programs, abandonment, slavery morality, conscious or unconscious surrender or submission, states of immobility, freezing, helplessness, depression, death, and all the drag in my life.

I am in command of my decisions, for my highest good.

I am, I have the right to say No to others, without losing their love.

I am attacking whoever attacks me, with intelligence.

I Am freeing myself from shame, guilt, induced by severe criticism or envy of others.

I am creating solutions and solving my problems with intelligence.

I am determined to be what I really am, and affirm myself, enjoy and feed myself the best of life.

I am really living. I am Here, Now, Present, True.

I am alive, I am humble and vulnerable to be present in the moment, to make decisions and take responsibility for them.

I am in contact with my inner compass, my consciousness and emotions. I am willing to work on my personal development, even if it is difficult. I am the one who chooses how to live my life.

I am aware that I am an adult, with power and responsibility, I am ready for life, I have integrated in a healthy way the paternal role, the voice of the nation and of heaven, as well as the maternal role, the voice of family and planet Earth, to lead my actions and nurture my experiences.

I am capable of living my experiences with courage and sincerity.

I am, accepting and respecting my own particular characteristics.

I am lovingly receiving the recognition and support of others.

I am perfect as I am.

I am self-sufficient, I am at peace with myself.

I am acting for my highest good, right now.

Affirmations for Self-Affirmation

II. Integration of the Paternal Role

I am healthily integrating the voice of man, father, grandfather, my paternal lineage, the clan, the nation, the Gods, the sky, and the universe. I am the one who directs my life respectfully, makes decisions responsibly, sets limits, and protects me.

I am able to lead and defend myself.

I am aware of my image in society, I can relate in respect to my values ​​and rights.

I am receiving the positive inheritances of my paternal lineage, my clan, nation and the history of the Gods.

I am free from the negative inheritances of my paternal lineage, my clan, nation and the history of the Gods.

I am embracing my inner child, like a loving and judicious parent. I recognize myself, evaluate myself, set goals, and guide myself with love and strength.

I am the masculine part of myself; I am the authority in the spiritual and worldly issues of my life, as I see and talk to the feminine part of myself.

I am energy and I have the means to express myself entirely in this universe.

I am in constant transformation and I can welcome new ideas and strategies.

I am aware that I am more than my past, than any fiscal, financial, legal setback, at work and/or with the nation or the ideas of divinity. I have more experience each day, I get up from each fall, and I know that I can achieve self-assertion, conquer the territory of my victories and enjoy success.

I am at peace with history and with destiny, with time and men. I am determined to fight for my ideals, work for my development and achieve my goals.

I am, with stability and security, and the universe supports my development. I can express myself and defend myself, I am good with words.

I am, acting and succeeding in the world. I can insert myself in the world to carry out my projects and achieve success and recognition.

I am, valuing who I am. I speak my truth and converse with the world. I am the perfect see and hear. I am listened to and respected.

I am without fear of tomorrow, I decide quickly on the important issues, I have personal responsibility, I take my place and I demonstrate my existence.

I am in the role of a successful leader, with financial abundance and professional support.

I am open to positive transformations, I find ways to structure my thinking and ideas better and better. I take initiative and make judgments and actions every day. I am aware of the Law and what happens in my life, I provide solutions efficiently.

III. Integration of the Maternal Role

I am, healthily integrating the voice of the woman, the mother, the grandmother, my maternal lineage, the family, the country, the spiritual institutions, and the planet Earth. I am the one who nourishes my body and my heart, feeds my soul and spirit, love and faith in life.

I am capable of loving and nurturing myself.

I am aware of my role in the family and in the world, and I can relate in respect to my emotions and values.

I am receiving positive inheritances from my maternal lineage, my family, country, spiritual institutions, and planet Earth.

I am free from the negative inheritances of my maternal lineage, my family, country, spiritual institutions, and planet Earth.

I am, embracing my inner child, like a loving and nurturing mother. I acknowledge myself with sweetness and unconditional love, I cultivate my dreams and I watch my life flourish and bear fruit.

I am, being the feminine part of myself; the love that holds my family tree and life on the planet together, as I watch and converse with the male part of myself.

I am, spending time to be awake -without sleeping pills or substances that cloud my perception-, I like to feel and express my emotions.

I am embracing all that I am. I have nothing to be ashamed of, it is not my fault for any damage, abandonment, or abuse I have received from family, country, spiritual institutions, or natural disasters. I choose to renounce the pattern of lack of love, or toxic shame, sexual illness or dysfunction, pressure, or being overweight. I remove guilt, blockages, fat, and all toxins. I decide to love myself as I am and to be true to myself.

I am convinced that I deserve relationships with people who accept and respect me as I am.

I am at peace with my inner woman and mother, I have the right to a good life, I can achieve health, love, and abundance. I claim my personal, feminine, sexual, and creative power.

I am, strengthened by my will to be, to mutate and adapt and survive, with energy and motivation.

I am recognizing my power and reason for being, I can keep my inner child in my soul and heart, but leave childhood behind, the past is behind me. Today I affirm myself as an adult with the right to be who I am. I know that as an adult I can express my sensitivity and find a way to express the richness of my childhood dreams.

I am sure that my heart has a place on the Earth, and among the affections of my relationships. I value and take time to do what brings happiness to my relationships.

I am with the full confidence that a new and healthy me emerges with new wisdom, energy, freedom, self-love.

I am connected with the Earth and the sky, and I extend my service of love and freedom through action in the world.

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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