Transcendence through Art Manifesto

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

We artists, integrants of the creative community, update the reality, the knowledge of the present and the future world. Let’s remember some humanitarian principles, to take positive ownership of our contribution to the collective evolution of consciousness through art. Genius is the expression of the soul in some creative activity, thus revealing the world of meaning, divinity, and hidden beauty which the phenomenal world usually veils but will someday indicate magnificently..

I. Transcendence through Art

We understand that humans are not just meat and bones, we have a heart, so we can experience the power of love, we have a mind, so we can develop light in the world, we are a soul, so we aim to transcendence, to wake up and create a legacy in consciousness. Artistic creativity is a soul function. All of ourselves is creative, our spirit, soul, mind, heart, body. We are one with the creativity of life, with the creative force of the universe. We love to dream, imagine, and build new worlds.

II. Artistic Freedom

We are free, our creativity is free, our expression is free. We have the right and the responsibility to take positive ownership of our freedom. We are free to explore other ways of conceiving, perceiving new opportunities for expression. We chose free imagination, we choose to be an artist, it is our birthright, we are naturally creative. New ideas flow through us easily and joyfully. We find inventive freedom in nature, in our relationships, in dance, and in poetry. We are free from our negative egos, and we express ourselves freely through emotion, touch, art, and crafts. We explore, we experiment, we dance with new possibilities, newly born horizons, valuable innovations. We value creative people in this world, we know we are courageously dreamers. The world supports our creative dreams, projects, and expression. We open to divine poetic inspiration. We find creative ways to solve problems, move forward, and live in this world. We are awake, we are born and new and joyful each day. We commit with the cultivation of our creative imagination, this is a priority, to focus on this faculty latent in all of us. A flash of light breaks through to the aspiring mind, a sense of unveiled splendor for a moment sweeps through we aspirants, tensed for revelation, a sudden realization of color, beauty, wisdom, and glory beyond words breaks out before our attuned artistic consciousness. In artistic freedom, we can for some instants, see life for what it essentially is.

III. Kind Intuition and Correct Perception

Through our senses, we nurture our creativity. We can perceive because we are able to maintain a strong focus and be present. We understand the principle of presence, so we can see through appearances, we are able to transcend time and space, and understand the essence of the archetypes, the symbols, vibration is everything. We actively seek to increase our intuition and perception. Creation flows in the creation of the stars, in the language creation, in the art manifestations. We love our creative flow, we permit ourselves to create in love and compassion. We are the embodiment of compassionate creative expression. We know we are imperfectly perfect, and we enjoy it. We, creative souls, have a willingness to bear the pain of revelation, and the power to hold on to the higher point of consciousness at which the annunciation comes. Yes, we are as a primary task, people of the Earth, so, we align, meditate, and focus our attention upon this world of meaning. This is followed by the attempt to express divine ideas into adequate forms, according to our innate capacity and preferences, artistic gender of choice, or medium of expression, through which the inspiration must flow so there may be a harmonic expression of the universal inner reality.

Transcendence through Art Manifesto

IV. The Harmony of the Middle Way

We artists desire to produce a truer beauty in the world, and therefore, a closer approximation between the world of created forms and the inner emerging truth. We know that divinity is veiled and hidden in the multiplicity of forms with infinite detail, and in the forms that we’ll eventually get to see, we shall arrive at a newer beauty, a greater sense of truth and revelation. We adore to focus on the faculty of imagination upon revelation, so we can bring it thought into the lighted area of the external knowledge. We are a bridge between inner magic worlds, between universal revelations and the mind, brain, heart, mouth, hands, that produce the exteriorization of the splendor. Our spirit has an urge towards victory, through the holding of a position between the pairs of opposites, and the eventual sensing of the middle way. We have the impulse and the power to create. We can develop synthesis, blended with universal love to include different points of view. Our soul can express itself as the relation between our lower and higher selves; this is the marriage in the Heavens, that we can translate into art language to show the way.

All truths can be reconciled, all paradoxes can be transcended. So, we keep an open mind to find the middle way in every apparent conflict. We Avoid engaging in futile wars to save the world, which only increases hatred and chaos. We choose our battles wisely. Every day an army of self-called saints, saviors, or leaders, swept by the desire to change the world, spend money waterfalls in order to propagate a new agenda, to offset some leader, to overthrow some estranger, to change the old order, and raise a new era. Naively they forget we are one, so, they use dirty tactics of attack, defamation, and bullying of personalities: in the search for excellence, they damage us all. We remember we all are one with the universe, so we are able to find creative harmony, beauty, through intuition. We find the way of harmonizing all that has been achieved through the activity of form in life and synthesized it in a beautiful creation. The power of the One Life runs through our expression. The higher spiritual creation flows in the creations we gift to the world.

V. Strong Will & Purpose

Life has seasons and tides, but our will and purpose are the boat in which we travel, and we can set course through the ups and downs. We do what must be done. We have a strong will, not a weak emotional will that surrenders to the ambiance or others’ desires, but a strengthened will that responds to higher values and principles of light, love, awareness, and unity. We surrender to the creative playground of the universe. We decide to pursue and grow our creative power. We are delighted in the development of our art.

VI. Joyful Living

We remember that we are the manager of our life and that our goal is to be happy. Our goal is not just to satisfy our physical, emotional, or mental craves. Our goal is priceless happiness in our souls. That can not be bought or sold. We renounce all art that goes against our authority or the authority of our higher soul. We choose art that remembers that we humans have a reason to be here, to be part of a mission from darkness to greater awareness in light and love. We recognize that every challenge is making us remember our true value, and making us more resourceful. We are determined to thrive in a joyful way of living.


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