Robin Sharma invites you to Become the Hero of your Life

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

The Everyday Hero Manifesto, is the book of Robin Sharma, where he invites humanity to unleash their full potential. I present you with some of Sharma’s ideas. I hope these can help you to thrive. 

We are born into perfection and we are seduced to average. Break that limiting program, and manifest your greatness. 

  1. Don’t resign to average, don’t quit on your genius, don’t fall for a story that justifies your limiting beliefs. 
  2. Remember you can work, and through your work, you can make people happy. 
  3. Access your Power. Don’t give it away to external circumstances (relations, past, government, etc.). Be intimate with your Inner Power, Discipline, Braveness, Creativity, Will. We all have Golden Potential. 
  4. Choose your Everest: What is that Important Reason for Your Live? What are you passionate about? 
  5. Take care of your mindset, heart set, soul set, and health set. 

Not only is mindset, psychology, it is important, but you also have other interior empires: heart set, emotions, feelings. It is incredibly powerful to purify your heart. Heal your heart, so you will be driven by a powerful cause, you will feel great and generous invested in your mission. 

The suppressed emotions we pick up through life, are what Carl Jung called the shadow self. Sigmund Freud said: All the emotions we do not allow us to feel like shame, guilt, rage, frustration, if those are not dealt with, they come back in ugly ways. You need to learn to release them and open your heart to love. Great projects are made through love. 

There is also your soul set, that is spirituality, the contact with your spirit and your higher self. This soul-self propels you forward. 

You also have your health set, you need to take care of your body, the tool for manifesting all your dreams and vision. 

Remember that ego is the voice of fear, of trauma. Learn from your past, don’t get imprisoned by it, learn to let go. Trauma is not a dangerous word, you face it and grow through it, like the hero you are. Pain is an incredible purifier. Humble, embrace your pain and your strength. Journal, observe, feel, grief, relate with yourself. We are human, we learn courage and patience because of difficult times.

Live wonderfully, courageously, beautifully. How big do you dream? how decent you are? how do you overcome your trials and troubles? Live fooly, creatively, heart open. Enjoy!

You can learn more about Robin Sharma on this Audiobook: The Victory Over Difficulty

and in The Greatness Guide

Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Thank you.

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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