Our Lady’s Prayer

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

This prayer is a teaching of the heart, a supplication, a softening, a reverence to the feminine in us. A sweet attunement, a recognition of the Goddess. You can recognize The Lord’s Prayer, of Jesus, in a different version, to honor the divine feminine. Pray and feel it resonate in your heart.

Our Lady's Prayer. Atma Unum
Our Lady’s Prayer. Atma Unum

Our Lady, who lives at the heart of all form.

Hallowed by thy name.

May thy Queendom come,

May thy will be done

That heaven may come to hearth.

Please allow me this day

To drink from your sacred, silver spring

and forgive me my forgetting

as I learn through your Grace

to return all non love with love.

And take me by the hand

And lead me step by step

Into the patient Valley of your Heart

For yours is the earth, my body and my life

For ever and ever.


If you like this prayer, please comment or share. I also invite you to support Atma Unum‘ work by purchasing our books at this link. Thank you, blessings.

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