Dawn Love with Blessed Rose Perfume

Love, love:

Yes, my beloved, I am addicted to your words. I need to read you a thousand times: The first letters, the new ones, the imaginary ones… The letters sidewalk, road, path of hugs, mouths, and passions. You know that I will always be your lover; today, tomorrow, and the following days… To seduce you between curly words like my hair, long and sugary. To wrap ourselves in stories of eroticism and joy, of a brave and vulnerable love. It’s just me; the same as always, looking for the precise caress, the surgical phrase in order to remain in your heart.

My body needs the traces of your caresses, the warm blush that covers my skin when I give myself to you. I need to sweat with you, to inhabit the heat of our encounters, the sauna of our intimate battles, the steam that we distill under the influence of Venus. The union of our bodies is to steal time from the void, it is the construction of new galaxies, it is the jazz that tattoos memories with diamond dust.

Now I am the smell of desire that rides in each letter of our conversations, that seeps through in each note of our nights, in each symphony of our consciences. I’m starving for us; we could devour sunrises with lovers perfume. How eager to say yes again to us; as the gods of creation have done since ancient times, because only through accurate affirmation do we dance the vertigo of the fertile life in love. I want us to be the love and desire that is uniquely for us, and yet it is the same passion that transcends the will of humanity and is shared by all sentient beings.

Dawn Love with Blessed Rose Perfume. Iris Aggeler Schneider

Dawn love with the perfume of a blessed rose.

Love of our nights walking among ancient trees.

Love of our warm bubbling waters.

Love of confessions and complicities.

Love that we cultivate with the enigma of custody on fire.

Love that gives us sighs that irrigate fantasy.

We have loved each other wetly and lustfully, fed on the jade chalice.

We love each other tenderly and deeply, wrapped in the mantle of our souls.

We will love each other passionately and innocently, singing the mystery of the finest nectar.

And we are the love that goes beyond the labyrinths of our minds and of the word itself,

with the immanent subtlety of the spirals of our hearts,

we build our union; a present.

Tonight we are companions at the bar, on the sheets, or simply of the sleepless moon. We present ourselves face to face and facing Love. Your gaze reveals itself unique among the crowd by discovering my heart, by feeding curiosity and desire. I love you every second; at every instant, to begin, resume, come, enter the chain of love that has no beginning or end. Yes, we share a lemniscate in love. Our gazes dance between dermal folds and sweet letters; we are tasting words right now, in a poetic and erogenous correspondence, we are accomplices of our mobile lovers. And I started with you one more of the dozens of dialogues of always; I hesitated, I assumed that I had the key that unveils the enigma of our intuition. I got over it, even when we don’t find definitive answers, we have the wisdom of the elements and of the language. I laughed again as I did when I was a child, and I walked among the crowds that we have been: I felt the glances of our disabled young people, of the mothers and their griefs, the little ones who run among toys and tender trees, the converted prostitutes, the teenagers who wish to stop being virgins, the celibate jongleurs who bear verses on piecework, the old men who count their long gray hair and caress books of hours, the rebels with carmine car keys, the professionals who collect unicorns on smartphone diaries, and above all; I felt how we are the dream fulfilled before the eyes of those who seek for love.

That is why I am here, with you; I have decided to cultivate love. We meet in conspiratorial greetings, among sotto voices over the phone, amid stories of cats, still lifes, removals, and revelations. Now everything is new; the uncertainty and the unspeakable hope, the silence pregnant with red pomegranates and ripe cherries, the snapshots of the mirrors that have hips that caress each other, the dreams and the riddles in which it is fascinating to lose ourselves holding hands. The wonders of a future of trains with gifts on offer, of passionate exchanges that shake our bones and guts, of night mailboxes brimming with the aroma of the clothes that we snatch from ourselves to satisfy a thirst that transcends our skin, of European chocolates that we invite to our everyday story; with kisses when waking up and when we go back to sleep celebrating love.

Dear and very loving; your smiles spoil my eyes and make me clear the dawns of memory. I treasure your name, your memory, your presence, and our future. I remember that we are one; I remember that I have not forgotten us, I forget forgetfulness, I always try to remember us… Today I accidentally remembered us; I remember our care of music and laughter, I remember our promises of remembrance and reverie; I remember that I will never forget loving you. We are an inexhaustible and constantly reborn source of kisses that we have yet to give each other, words that will see the light between hugs, and some other madness that will make us feel that we still exist in this world… of intense love every day and in the eternity.

Thank you love; because we invent love every dawn.


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