What do you do to feel in ecstasy?


Image: Wheel of emotions. 

What do you do to feel in ecstasy?

Iris Atma

Queridos dears: I hope you feel good. And if you aren’t, I invite you to contemplate your emotions in this wheel, and see how to rotate it in such manner in which it would be useful for you. That is, there is neither good nor bad emotions. So bad it is to suppress anger as suppress joy and ecstasy. A healthy individual has movement in his emotions, so, we are not “a static me”, we will not always be happy and admirable, and, -this is the best-, we will not be either always totally afraid or disgusted. “Where thought goes, there goes the energy”: Think of an Apple, you imagine the Apple, there is your energy, into the idea of the Apple, if you also recreate the smell, the taste of the Apple, more of you is in the Apple. The same goes for emotions: think of something that causes you admiration, trust, acceptance… imagine what smell, to know, adds details, put it in focus. You’re there now. Think of something to take you to Ecstasy, that makes you happy, a memory, a desire that you can imagine real… Feel the serenity of that joy… There you are. Are you smiling? We invite you to use this wheel of emotions to think about yourself. What do you do to feel in ecstasy and admiration?, what do you do to provoke emotions of love and appreciation in your relationships? How you allow yourself to feel your anger, hate or grief, and express it with yourself and your surroundings in a less aggressive form?, are you listening to your heart, and helping you to live in harmony with the hearts of others?
Kiss and blessings.


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