L’Amour Fou; The Crazy Love of the Soul

City of the Palaces, February 14, 2012

Lord, I am not worthy to have you come under my roof; but just say the word, and my boy will heal. Matthew 8:8 

«People… Are they crazy? Are they playing crazy? Do they just seem crazy? We must listen beyond the limits of what we think we can understand.» Mieke Bal, at a conference about her film project Mère Folle

If anyone among you thinks you are wise according to this world, become a fool, to become wise; for the wisdom of this world is foolishness in the sight of God. 1 Cor 3, 18-19.

Love, love: 

Being Crazy is the only way to pass from the intelligentsia to the knowledge of love. Bringing the consciousness of the little manas to that of the manas-budhi. Stop being me, or you, so that we are part of the cosmic consciousness.

Do you know that in every moment a consciousness mutation can take place, that you can suddenly change the perception you have of yourself? Expand your limits… go into a trance. Let yourself be possessed by a spirit more powerful than yours, an impersonal energy. Let the original, sacred madness that is in you, that you are, to live and speak… Be an actor in its purest form, an entity in action, lose track of time… the landscape widens; join the ocean. Experience superconsciousness, you do not have the conception of space, you become space. You do not have the conception of time: you are the phenomenon that arrives. In the presence of the pure action of the eternal present. Live the poetry of intuition, join the infinite extension of your feelings, the inexhaustible creative force of vibrant bodies. Act moved not by what you have learned, but by what you are. (1)

True, years ago I forgot to read the small print, to understand the warning about the Fool, and I had to wander for a long time to understand it… Now I know, it is not necessary to abandon the conscience, but its sacrifice consists in putting oneself at the service of a greater and transcendent conscience. Miracle or revelation or awakening, Immanent Logos (2). I do not know if I have returned or I simply understood that the trip is a continuum, but I know that this joy will accompany me anywhere, and permeates each of my heartbeats. Our heartbeats?

Shin shin bling 

fou amor meoww 

zero zu soleil 

Geistselbst (3).

Dear and most beloved… I know that in my complexities, sometimes you cannot conceive of me; the responses that I will manifest to the same stimuli multiply, and there are times when while we prepare the breakfast I laugh at myself, trying to predict myself or even trying to free myself from expectations. It’s just that I appreciate you welcoming my insanity. Plato affirms that madness is a disposition that prevents grasping the truth. However, sometimes we can only glimpse the truth through madness, by playing the madman, by discussing that sacred madness together and without clothes, but surrounded by seeds and fountains.

Crossing the taboo, yes, there are madnesses of evil, but there are also Fools of Good, as we are when we manage to love, or fly, or laugh… Yes; we are crazy for good. Strange quixotic northern dawns, Fantasies and Visions of fountains with ambrosia, spirits of rebellion that fear neither king nor rock, that do not expect reward and fear no punishment, Free voices like the wings of the Phoenix… And it is that although sometimes my reason does not understand your dance, it is your acting that makes me fall in love, I know you know it, and that is why you keep me in your heart. Cervantes did not invent Don Quixote – he described him as he saw him in Castile – as no one has invented you, because your actions create you every day. Our archetypal lives thus reveal us, miraculously insane and walking, more ancient than Egypt and Greece, and yet full of future. Because when we are the sacred we have no age, and that is why the magic of our acts survives initiatory and seductive.

L'Amour Fou; The Crazy Love of the Soul. Atma Unum. Ra'al Ki Victorieux

Can anything more divine and human than love be conceived or imagined? All avatars, prophets, imams, buddhas, sages, initiates and bodhisattvas, are degrees and aspects of divine revelation and human awakening to Love.

Oh! Don Juan and Orpheus, wandering souls and labyrinths… bold servants of the infantile divinity who loves impulse, rapture, ardor. Love and its flourishing, fertile, wet metaphysics… To nurture and value the fire of the loving domain. Only brave we can take sides for love in front of the law – legislation, human and divine reason-. Eros and Vulcan, Venus and the uniqueness of love for her soul, her sister souls…

The intellect and imagination of a soul in ecstasy, even when hyperactive, appears immobile to the ordinary, Faust consciousness. With the ease of satisfying our desires, we nevertheless seek to free ourselves from social and collective statism, to return to the house of the soul and that is, to our deep being, in which we are, together, one… It is from this house that I love you.

I wish that you are always enlightened by Love.

I kiss you.

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

1. A paragraph that interpretively quotes Jodorowsky.

2. Wisdom. 

3. Spiritual self, according to anthroposophic literature.

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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