Affirmations for Self-approval of Perfectionism and Insecurity

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

This exercise for self-approval could seem counter-productive because each paragraph starts with a so called «defect»: Perfectionism and Insecurity. I will explain the logic in order that you can practice this affirmations with confidence. After that statement of a «negative» quality, I describe the virtues of that characteristic. So, we are making peace with our inner critic, super ego, inner parent. This exercise help us to integrate our «shadow», those some times called different or difficult aspects of us, with understanding and appreciation.

I have ambition, motivation, I am a leader.
I understand that perfection does not exists. I do my best in every step of my professional life, but I also take care of my spiritual and emotional life.
I pay attention to what is a priority, for my well being, and the well being of those around me.
I have done great at school, my intelligence is over the media.
I know that beyond intelligence, I must strive for wisdom, to obtain higher intuition, to achieve concentration without effort, in order to experience work as a joyful game.
I know I can survive the envy that my wisdom can provoque in some persons. I can identify the jealous ones and keep them at arm’s length.
I find my tribe with brilliant and wise persons. I value my teachers and colleagues, and take care of the valuable relationships in my life.
I find treasures in silence, my spirit is calm as a peaceful lake, so I can reflect the grandiose presence of the harmony of the Universal Soul.
I am willing to work long hours for the projects I commit with.
I can be an example of hard work, and well deserved achievements.
I pay attention to the great picture, and to detail, I can craft a balance.
I do strive to be the best version of myself.
I have a high level of perseverance and resilience.
I have pretty high standards for my job, and for the work of the teams I lead. I have what it takes to create a work of world-class quality.
I hope to make of my life and work a service for my fellow humanity. My word, those words that have been in the cosmic consciousness from the beginning of times, allow me to build a door open to God; Brahmarantara.
Yes, I am the Soul. I am. Hong So.

La ciencia misma debe resignarse a no ser sino un simbolismo consciente de sí.

I am human, so I experience insecurity and other emotions, that are messengers which bring me the information I need.
I recognize that my feelings have a purpose, they are the key to my well-being.
I know that life is loving and my emotions exist to assist me, even the uncomfortable ones.
I am humble, my heart and soul live hand in hand with the eternal Verb.
I know that my spiritual guides warn me about the roads that I should not take, with the feeling of insecurity. So, I listen carefully.
I am a divine being, I have the right to be here, to avoid dangerous relationships or roads, and to seek the most joyful and enlightened path.
I listen to my fears with attention, I am cautious and prudent.
I have realistic self-doubt, but also I am open to novelty and wonder.
I am a believer in strategic thinking and genuine service to all.
I am always a student, I am willing to learn from others, and from each experience. I am open to a new level of understanding.
I am an auto-critic, and I listen to different perspectives before taking action.
I am in my power even when I look at my shortcomings and seek improvement.
I welcome even the negative feedback on my work, so I can make reparations or take corrective action to improve.
I am anxious sometimes and worried about the other’s perceptions of me, but I am okay, and in love with myself, so I take a deep breath, and comfort my heart and soul when I need it.
I am confident but not insensible, not overly severe. I believe in compassionate action in balance with active intelligence.
I seek to achieve my goals without harming others.
I receive the gift of insecurity, the wonder of what comes next in the eternal present, I know I am uncovering life, growing, awakening.
I am instinctive, I have high intuition, and I look for the most beautiful and good action.
I am faith, there resides the answer to my being.

El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz.

Benito Juárez

Amén. So be it.

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