Affirmations for Transmuting Anger

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

I ask to God, my light beings, spirit guides, angels and archangels, and to my higher self: Please help me to make real these affirmations for transmuting anger, please help me to heal and to be joyful. Thank you.

I. Purification

I let go of any feelings of anger and guilt that can be released today.
I release any dark feeling stored in my chest, contributing to anger, I open my heart, my liver, and let go.
I breathe into my solar plexus, my bladder, and let go any resentment, frustration, disappointment.
I take ownership of my physical, emotional, mental, spiritual body, and I release any anger, depression, repression, regret. I let go.
I can clean my bodies, I have the firm will, the clear intention of release any heavy memories, from this life, and even from past lives. I let go.
I open the windows of my body, I breathe, and sweep, I let go any dust, I breath, so I open and expand my chest, my energy field, from the crown to my feet, I feel my self immersed in a violet fire, purifying, cleaning, burning all shadows.
I open each one of my chakras, and allow the energy of the violet fire to dissolve any block, any anger or regret, any dust or blockage. I let go.
I forgive myself for feeling anger, I forgive those who have send angry energies towards me, I ask for forgiveness to those I have send angry energies to.

Affirmations for Transmuting Anger

II. Acceptance

I find the anger that is hiding in my body, buried, behind a smile, a silence, a thought of «I am too busy to feel my anger», «I can’t feel it now», I have anger locked in my body, in the form of resentment, frustration, depression, disappointment, grief, sadness, behind looping thoughts of «I should have», «He or she should have», «that is unfair». I ask my anger be revealed to me, I can feel my anger now.

I find the anger that is hiding behind ideas of «I avoid certain people or situations», «I avoid my feelings», «I don’t have time, I’m too busy», «my feelings are not important», «if I express my anger, something terrible will happen, so I should deny it». I can feel my anger now, I ask it be revealed to me.

I find the anger that is hiding behind ideas of «I have not right to be angry», «good people don’t get angry», «I never get angry, I’m just preoccupied», «I avoid anger denying myself», «when others are angry, I feel it is my fault», «when people are angry, I apologize to avoid conflict». I can feel my anger now, I ask it to be revealed to me, I listen to my anger. I’m getting to know my anger.

I find the anger that is behind fear, self-attack, self-condemnation, self-blaming, self-judgment. I can feel my anger now, I ask it to be revealed to me, I listen to my anger, I tune into my feelings. I’m getting to know my anger.

I find the anger that is behind avoidant actions, into playing small, into blocking my light, limiting myself, having poor boundaries, sacrificing my time and energy for others. I can feel my anger now, I ask it to be revealed to me, I listen to my anger, I tune into my feelings. I’m getting to know my anger.

I find the anger I have denied because I learned to judge anger as bad. I have put deaf ears to my feelings, being angry when I was young was heavily discouraged, perhaps my anger lead me into trouble, punishment or made me feel unlovable. I want to be loved, so I have hidden my anger, I have denied my feelings. I can feel my anger now, I ask it to be revealed to me, I listen to my anger, I’m safe now, I am an adult now, I tune into my feelings, I have the right to feel and express all my emotions. I listen to the message of my anger. I’m getting to know myself.

I find the anger I have hidden behind shame, the anger I denied because I was frightened and deeply unhappy by what made me angry. I learned to suppress my anger, because only the adults, other persons were allowed to express their anger. I can free myself now, I can free my anger, I am no longer the prisoner of myself. I embrace all that I am, including my anger and what it reveals to me. My anger and I are in the same team, we are a team, my emotions are part of me.

I find that anger is only energy, I understand that my anger is furious with me for many reasons, and also because I have not seen it, I resent myself for not listening to what makes me angry. So I am ready to listen, to embrace my anger, to allow it to be a part of me, helping me to be aware and safe. I listen to myself, I am getting to know myself.

I feel my anger, I see how I have repressed it. I ask forgiveness, I am sorry. I decide to express it from now on. My anger is not good, not bad. I can learn to transform my anger into a positive force. Clean anger can be a force of change: the energy to enable me to set strong and healthy boundaries, to stronger my will, to strengthen my words and actions.

I accept my anger, I know it can never be destroyed by being repressed, it just gets rotten and sour. Repression causes depression and many other problems, confusion, fatigue, overweight, resistance, resentment… I ask forgiveness to my anger, and I forgive myself. I free myself, I love myself, I integrate my anger into my everyday life, I can let my anger be accepted and flow. When I feel my anger, I love myself, so my anger is released, embraced, revealing to me who I am. It is time for me to be aware of all of my feelings.

I make peace with my anger, it has grown huge, taller than me, maybe because I have been collecting anger for years without dealing with it. I recognize some of it does not belong to me, I have assimilated the anger of society and other people. I invoke the violet fire to burn all anger that does not belong to me, I let go. I stand in violet burning fire, and let go all old anger, all anger that does not belong to me, I feel lighter, free, and my anger is now a small part of me, a part of me that I see and value.

I make peace with my anger, I can see each one of my chakras and cells of my body have an amount of anger. I breathe and ask the violet burning fire to let go all old anger, all others anger, clearing my blood, my cells, my organs, bladder, liver, heart, mouth, mind, hormonal system, clearing each one of my chakras. The fire purifies and transmutes the energy, so now I am cleaner, healed.

I feel the transformation of the violet fire, I allow the process of healing, I let go of the past because it was a learning experience. I feel the violet fire in my thoughts, in my expression, clearing all programing of silence or repression, purifying my thought, and my throat, I allow the conexión of my throat and sexual chakra, I clean with violet fire the channel between my sacral and throat chakras. The ultraviolet fire is healing my emotions and the expression of my emotions. I accept my anger without judgment, resentment, or guilt, it is a normal part of me. I accept my self, I am safe, I am in peace.

I speak to the consciousness of my body: It is time now to accept the natural expression of anger, I allow anger to empower our reality, to give strength to our words and actions, to renew us, to give us healthy boundaries, to rebalance any excessive need to please others. I allow me to get more efficient action. I accept I can shine bold and bravely each day.

III. Energization

I am love, I receive a liquid pink love light in all my body, in all my chakras, energy centers, I let love flow into my organs, my heart, my liver, my solar plexus. I talk to me as I talk to a child I love too much. I love myself so much, I accept myself, I am aware of my feelings, and I am lovable.
I bring the light of the sun into my body, I know I am loved by heaven and hearth. I receive the love of my higher self into my heart, and I answer with more love, so I am flowing in love. I smile in a river of love between my human self and my higher self.
I value my energy, my chi, I feel my emotions, I can let them flow freely into my awareness. I know I am not at the mercy of my emotions or thoughts, I am a higher awareness. I can have space to observe myself in a detached manner. I can see, feel, accept what I feel or think, but I am not the feelings, not the thoughts, I am the higher awareness.
I love my emotions, all of them, anger, joy, happiness, even disappointment, all experiences have some valuable teaching. I appreciate life and its lessons, I learn to listen to all my emotions and express myself in the kindness and most efficient way.
I value my peace, when other persons show me anger, I know it is not my fault, I hold to myself, I refuse to be affected by others’ emotions. Each person is responsible for their emotional health. I can set boundaries, let go of persons who are constantly aggressive and choose the relations that treat me with respect, care, and love.
I love my anger, it has useful messages that point to needed action, that give me strength and vitality. My anger and I are on the same team. I am empowered by my intuition and by my emotions. I embrace the flow of life.
I love and bless all that I am. I am thankful for being me.

To God, my light beings, spirit guides, angels and archangels, to my higher self: Thanks for your help to make real in my life these affirmations for releasing anger, thank you for helping me to heal and to be light and love now. Thank you.

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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