Reach your Goals this 2021

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

The change of cycle, even when it is only a human convention, invites us to reflect on what we have done and what our goals and wishes are for the future. It is a time of coexistence (which has now been limited due to the pandemic) and reflection. In this article, you will find some ideas to commit to being the best version of yourself.

  1. A pause for self-observation

When we evaluate what we have done not only in the year that ends but in our life journey, we can fall into negative thoughts such as severely judging ourselves, experiencing remorse and/or guilt. This, however, is a positive thing. Only the insane and psychopaths or pathological narcissists have lost the human capacity to see themselves honestly and feel remorse, they are usually characterized by having a «marked antisocial behavior, reduced empathy and remorse, and a rather uninhibited character». So the fact that we can experience «negative» emotions is part of what defines us as healthy humans. There is no such thing as a «bad» emotion, it is okay to feel, even what is unpleasant to us. All our emotions are messages that help us to know ourselves better, which is the key to harmonizing our life.

So, I encourage you to take the agenda or the annual report from last year, review your decisions, actions, and results. Take a pen and paper and consider:

a) What were the most important events?

b) What did those make you feel? Describe your emotional state with at least 6 emotions or feelings.

c) What is the teaching that this experience has given you? Delve into what happened: 1. If you feel that you did not have the desired result, and you feel some guilt or remorse, think about how you could have acted better. Imagine that in a similar situation you take the correct steps. 2. If you consider that what you did was the best possible, take time to congratulate yourself, understand the process that led you to success in order to replicate it.

Remember that the objective of this exercise is not to punish you by admitting your mistakes, it is to learn the lesson so that we do not have to keep repeating negative situations. We all learn by making mistakes. Make the commitment with yourself to congratulate you for everything that you consider helped your well-being. Also remember, life is not just about achieving goals, it is enjoying the process. No one knows how long we have to be in this world, make others happy, and cultivate our inner peace.

2. A moment for planning

Some people buy notepads, diaries, calendars, and other stationery to organize the months to come. Those who have lost contact or hope may feel aversion to these types of objects because they no longer find sense in making plans, they feel that there is no point, a number of setbacks and failures have made them perceive that they lack the power to achieve their desires. It is a good time to remember that every human being is in essence a higher soul, a spiritual being of deep light, love, and power, and from that awareness, we can release the fears, anguishes, and anxieties that hold us back. We should give ourselves the opportunity of a new dawn, of another attempt, of having confidence that we can achieve balance.

So, encourage yourself, take paper and pen, dream, and build a strategy. The information from the previous exercise may be useful:

a) What were your strengths, the moments that you celebrate in your history, what makes you happy and creates happiness around you? How can you replicate these events more frequently? What other moments of happiness and strength would you like to build? What would you have to do for it? Visualize what you want as clearly as possible -make a collage that helps you visualize with magazine clippings, brainstorming, or through a design program-, develop a plan in small steps -a process outline-, and even set deadlines.

b) What were your weaknesses, the saddest or most regrettable moments in your history, what made you feel remorse, guilt, or frustration? What was the teaching? In what way can you release attachments, vices, anxieties? How can you learn skills that allow you to perform better in the future? Visualize what you want as clearly as possible – make a collage that helps you visualize with magazine clippings, brainstorming, or through a design program – develop a plan in small steps – a process outline -, and even set deadlines.

c) Life is made up of moments, and generally we value more those we spend with people who inspire, cheer, motivate, teach, and support us. In what way can you be closer to those who are pillars in your personal development? How can you be such a person for those you love? Choose wisely. Visualize what you want as clearly as possible – make a collage that helps you visualize with magazine clippings, brainstorming, or through a design program – develop a plan in small steps – a process outline -, and even set deadlines.

Reach your Goals. Atma Unum. Ra'al Ki Victorieux
  1. A leap of faith

Nobody guarantees us that this year the pandemic will end, or that we will no longer lose loved ones, or that the problems will cease to exist. But it is the faith that as the sun rises we will have the strength to face the ups and downs of life that allows us to hold on to hope, love, and charity.

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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