How can You develop yourself personally?

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

Are you interested in working on your Personal Development? I offer you books, articles and workshops with tools such as: Emotional Literacy, Visualization, Meditation & Affirmations.
We also provide programs specifically focused on Improving Relationships, Healing Sexuality, Knowing and Creating Art of Spiritual Protection, and Cultivating Higher Soul Consciousness.

1. Why spend time on your Personal Development?

Very often people experience negativity due to the environment, lack of values ​​or direction in life, conflicts in relationships, and want to regain control, find a guide to increase their physical, emotional, and psychological health. At Atma Unum we provide tools such as meditation, spiritual reflection, knowledge of values ​​and human rights, to help people achieve personal well-being and improve their relationships. We believe in the importance of promoting human values ​​and rights, conscience, spirituality through meditations, art philosophy and psychology.

We believe that each person can appreciate and use the energies of cultural products (movies, music, visual art, books, etc.) to improve his life. We believe that the spiritual laws of nature offer us that opportunity if we understand them and engage in a conscious process of choosing what to feed our senses, mind and emotions. The entertainment and artworks that make up our day-to-day influence our physical vitality, our emotional state, our mental attitude and eventually our spiritual quality and purpose of life. Hence the mission of Atma Unum through education and artistic promotion is to favour the knowledge of transcending through art and culture.

Every sound, image, word, action, every living being is permeated by a vital energy that in the ancient traditions was called “life force”, is known as the “ki” of martial arts professionals in Japan, the ” chi “manipulated by Chinese acupuncturists, and the “prana”, which circulates through the chakras, as known by yogis and buddhas. It is also known in the Bible as “Ruah” or “manna”, and it is what the Greek philosophers called “pneuma”. This energy is transmitted through cultural signs and symbols, so knowing and being aware of what we include in our lives, influences our well-being and relationships.

Atma Unum. Personal Development

2. What we offer


  • Radio. Reflections of Life for Spiritual Development.
  • Si Vis Amari, Ama. (If you want to be loved, love). Inspiration to Improve Relations with Oneself and with Others.
  • Meditations & Poetry. Practices to Nurture the Soul 
  • Grace. Blessings of Love, Grace and Transcendence. 
  • XIX. Solar Sphinx. Sexual Healing


Our programs are aimed at:

  • General public, people and groups interested in expanding their cultural knowledge and quality of life.
  • Entrepreneurs, industrialists and people in the business area who are interested in making their companies an environment with greater cultural richness, and promote the development of their human resources.
  • Teachers and parents interested in having more training tools.
  • Professionals in the area of ​​personal development seeking training.


Counseling sessions can be related to: guided meditation to address emotional or physical problems, coaching in personal development, etc. The session is one hour long, time to be agreed, through video stream. The cost is $30 USA

3. Learn with our blog articles


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Affirmations and Motivation

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Feng Shui

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Spiritual Masters

Jung; transcendence without hesitation

Music & Mantras

Atma Sapphire, lullaby for your senses

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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