Unconditional Inclusion Artistic Projects

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

Throughout my professional career, one of the compasses that are an integral part of my life and work is: unity. In this article, I tell you about the cultural issues and projects for inclusion.

Why collaborate for Unity?

We are not only interested in unity because teamwork stimulates creativity, adds talents, increases motivation and satisfaction from contributors. Nor is it just about paying attention to people with disabilities but to all people without distinguishing by race, social condition, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, migrant status, age, economic level , among other aspects.

We speak of “Inclusion, International, Unconditional”, through art and culture, education and cultural promotion, disseminating values ​​that support practices for unity. We must prepare the ground so that there is a positive environment among the members of societies, which favors communication, commitment and trust in the best way.


Lo que hemos realizado * What we have done

I. In favor of women

Ra’al Ki has developed various performative, creative actions, in order to join the actions to raise awareness, defend and promote women’s rights, promote justice and reduce gender violence.

In 2020 she published the autobiography VIII Aikya Memories of “Spicy” Hmädi Iris México Valparaíso. Activism in Art for Freedom and Unity. In this work, she recapitulates concerning projects such as: In 2013, in response to the arrest of the Pussy Riot, she manifests in front of the Russian Embassy in Mexico City, for Justice for Women. She created the “Manifesto Against Misogyny in Art” and works such as “Every Woman Must” about women’s rights.

In 2019 he publishes the autobiography XIX. Solar Sphinx . Memories of Vamp Iris Atma Ra: Woman & Romance. Derk Collection. Mexico. Atma Unum. in relation to harassment, rape and other sexual trauma, and how to heal them.

With her alter ego Sugar, she developed the performance film “Venus Genetrix” and the conceptual theatre play “Once upon a time”, among other projects related to domestic violence and fairy tales.

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II. For the Development of Cultural Policy

With various actions we have worked in favor of issues related to cultural policy: In defense of freedom of expression, in favor of copyright, for a development of cultural policy that encourages creativity with fiscal incentives, for freedom of criticism, etc. Concerning each of these issues, we have promoted the creation and dissemination of manifestos and digital work.

Here are some of RK Victorieux’s works: In 2007, Ra’al Ki, in solidarity, reiterated her support for freedom of expression, in this case of the Oaxaca media, signing the Communiqué against the repression of the free media in Oaxaca. In 2006 Ra’al Ki supported the MARCAZ movement in Azcapotzalco as a solidarity signatory, to request the authorities for budgets for the construction of the School of Arts. Joel Nava Polina writes on the movement’s page: ‘Art and Culture are, in all their essence, pure democratic elements. By guaranteeing respect for the exercise of these rights, we ensure the well-being of the essence of men and women of the world.’

In 2005 she manifested in favor of freedom of expression. Shee also declares against the cultural management of Enrique Semo, because he had censored her work ‘Nothing here happens’, which criticized the lack of presidential strategies; in the exhibition on the occasion of ‘Freedom of expression and Democracy’.

In 2004 she appeared in the Legislative Palace of San Lázaro, to present an exhibition and the Manifesto in Favor of the Freedom to Use National Symbols in Art. Her work was censored by Filemón Primitivo Arcos, of the Culture Commission. Sometime later: she presented a performance, in front of the Palace, to reiterate the freedom of expression.

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With one of her performance alter-egos; Drag Queen June, Ra’al Ki joined in demanding the rights of all people regardless of their sexual orientation. Shee participated in the Mexico City march in 2004. In the next years she led the organization of two marches in the city of Oaxaca and one in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas. She held conferences concerning Art and Sexual Diversity in Icons, and on Enkidu Magazine Tuesdays, at the Arlequín Theater in Mexico City. She also published articles on countries that still criminalize sexual diversity with capital punishment and the reasons why we must be more inclusive.

In July 2007, Queen recognized the work of the gay community with the Queen Butterflies Awards. Anodis.com publishes that ‘the talent and effort of a group of journalists, artists, and organizations that are dedicated to spreading culture and art within the Mexican LGBT community are celebrated.‘

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IV. For Life, and to Transmute Energy into Victims of Capital Punishment

Through the work of her alter ego Vamp Iris Atma Ra, she has spoken out against capital punishment. For example, with the performance XII Duódecimo Le Pendú, made in memory of those hanged in La Romita.

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V. Pacifism

On several occasions, and during the Iraq war, together with various artists, they painted the fountains red in Mexico City, to demand a halt to the war for oil reasons. They also produced a digital manifesto for peace.

VI. Environmentalism

With a community of creators led by Mario Nandayapa, they carry out work to promote respect for the environment and the preservation of the jungle in Chiapas. Also is notable her participation as a ‘green fairy’ in the “March for the Legalization of Marijuana”, which has been documented in various media and blogs.

Ra’al Ki Victorieux imagines a rocker Virgin Mary at the Lacandon jungle 

VII. Community work

In the nineties, she worked for education and culture in Puerto Madero, Chiapas. Starting in 2000, she led activities for the promotion of emerging visual artists from Chiapas and Oaxaca. Recently and for more than a decade, she has supported the cultural movement of the peripheries in the City and the State of Mexico.

VIII. Art as Activism and Spiritual Practice

The spiritual formation of the artist permeates her visual, scenic, literary and musical work. In order to promote what she calls transcendence through art.

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IX. Interdisciplinary Art for Multiculturalism

Throughout her thirty-year career, Victorieux has carried out multi and interdisciplinary projects, with an inclusive vision, which recognizes diverse cultures and their contribution.

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Wacha “Temoaya Road”; documentary film, un día en la vida

I hope this summary of my individual and sometimes collective work has seemed interesting to you. Thanks for your likes, comments, and shares. See you soon.


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