Interview with «Spicy»: Iris México

«Spicy»: Hmädi Iris México

Transcription of the audio of an interview with the artist, concerning her work entitled «Passion for Mexico». Originally broadcast by CNI Canal 40 TV. 2004.

Considering that it violated the law of the coat of arms and the national flag, this exhibition by the artist Iris México was withdrawn from the Chamber of Deputies.

Iris – “I saw that the work was lying on the floor, they trow it as a clothes ball. In other words, they did not tell me to dismantle it, a museographer did not dismantle it, it was not packed, and it was thrown like old street market clothes on the floor ”.

Filemón Primitivo Arcos, deputy of the PRI, president of the Chamber’s Culture Commission, and representative of the musical group Los Joao, as well as PAN deputies, were the ones who determined that the work was offensive. The exhibition «Passion for Mexico», consists of 34 pieces, including those that refer to the national flag, and others to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

“I suffered an act of artistic discrimination. I don’t want to talk about gender, but I’m a woman, and I don’t know if that could have had something to do with it. But more than anything it was an act of artistic discrimination, and it was an act without any legal support, it was an act of disrespect for the rights of free expression”.

Since Tuesday, Iris has not received an official notification of why her work was withdrawn, even saying that the president of the Culture Commission denies what happened.

“At no time did I insult or yell, when I took the floor yesterday, it was to demand my rights, not to insult anyone. So I think I have behaved with respect, and when he says: «No, we did not throw her artwork on the floor», he is accusing me of being a liar.»

Iris México considers that it never violated the spirit of the law of national symbols, for which she described as ignorant those who consider the opposite.

«Why am I going to support the criticism right now? I don’t want it to harm me, so I am better going to support the criticism from 50 years ago that right now does nothing to me. Hopefully, at some point the power of the legislature, the authorities of this country are mature enough to support the art of their time, that they could be not afraid of criticism.»

Thanks to Canal 40 for sharing with the artist the material of the interview carried out and broadcast in 2004. Thanks to the authorities of the National Theater of Arts, National Center of the Arts, CONACULTA, for the facilities for recording the informative capsule.

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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