Iris México Insists on using National Symbols in Art

Ceballos Miguel Ángel. 2005, 18 September. Iris México Insists on using National Symbols in Art. El Universal.

The visual artist Iris México insists on the need to elaborate a legal reform in favor of the free use of national symbols. After a year ago denouncing the censorship of her artistic work by federal legislators, the creator presents a video-performance and an exhibition in which she uses the national emblems again.

Since September 15, the Punto y Línea gallery, in the city of Oaxaca, presents a video-performance in which, against the background of the Legislative Palace of San Lázaro, includes the participation between the military and choreography of four artists Mexicans: Edna Barrientos, Yurixtzi Herrera, Ollin Eguren and Isis Maldonado, who wear ponchos that are artworks, intervened flags. Meanwhile, Iris México appears dressed in a bikini decorated with eagles made with sequins.

Likewise, the image of Iris México wrapped in the flag can be appreciated all September, printed in large format, by both views of the Skygarden canopies, on the scenic highway of Acapulco.

“It is important and urgent to demand the right to use our symbols since they are part of the consciousness of belonging. It is necessary to make them our own, to dialogue with our historical past, with our archetypes, in search of reconciling a historical past with contemporary reality! Says the performance artist. (MAC)

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