Iris Mexico Celebrates the Sweet Homeland with a Swan

A ceramic swan, with a look covered in gold, and with flowers on its chest, navigates a tricolor flag, waving its load of candy flags. The selection of objects that the author presents us in chromatic harmony and arranges it as in a showcase, in the style of pop art, in a reduced minimalist aesthetic. The question of the valuation of art is raised; It is a unique work of art, but built from products manufactured in series and offered at a low price in the market. The strategic arrangement of the various elements highlights how aesthetic decisions are made in daily life when purchasing consumer goods and domestic and symbolic objects. In this way, the artist transforms familiar objects into trophies of consumer culture. Artists related to these creative strategies are Haim Steinbach, Melquiades Herrera, etc.

Spicy Hmädi Iris Mexico Valparaíso. Sweet Homeland. 2004. Post-sculptural three-dimensional. 80 x 80 x 20 cm.
Ceramic Swan, Lollipops / Fabric Decorated with Fringes.

Dulce Patria, is a dessert, a poem, an idea … In Chile; the dessert is made with almonds, eggs, sugar, whiskey, water, and spices. It has a taste of marzipan. The story goes that in 1890, Eusebio Lillo traveled through Europe accompanied by his family and the housekeeper, Juanita Basaure, who had an aptitude for cooking, so she was enrolled to study pastry at a famous Paris academy. The dessert was Juanita’s creation and graduation exam. Dulce Patria (Sweet Homeland) is also a song performed by Jorge Negrete, in the Mexican film “Una Carta de Amor” (A Love Letter).

“Come help us in the trial of all of us who fight for freedom. Come and give us, oh Dear Homeland, Indomitable Courage in adversity”.

Dulce Patria

Due to the charm of this combination of words, Dulce Patria has been adopted by numerous tourism companies -restaurants, hotels-, in a tribute to mother earth.

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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