The Intuition to Build

Chiapas, 1986

Evening falls, there is no rush, yet Iris has always felt a kind of anxiety that drives her to build, if not with bricks, at least with ideas. This quinceañera seems to be preparing for the war? With herself? Isn’t it enough how bad she feels like to still have to deal with a war with your inner critic? She finds refuge between pages of books and notes of classical music. The copy of Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins its in her bedroom, it has underlined several articles of the content: The merchandise of the kings. The power of our state. The magic of the relationship. The Formula for Definitive Success. The inside of the book is underlined with two shades of phosphorescent markers.

“Belief number 7: There is no lasting success without personal commitment. The successful individuals believe in the power of dedication. If there is any belief that is almost inseparable from success, that is that there is no lasting success without great commitment. When one contemplates great achievers of any specialty, discover that they are not necessarily the best, nor the brightest, nor the strongest, nor the fastest, but the most persistent. The great Russian dancer Anna Pavlova said on one occasion: «Pursuing a goal, relentlessly, that is the secret of success.» It’s another way of defining the Ultimate Success Formula: know the outcome you want, model what can serve, act, develop your acuity to know by where you are going, and keep perfecting it until you get where you intended.

 VIII. Aikya. Memories of Iris México

For now, she leaves the book on the bed table and goes to sleep. She has had a few somewhat chaotic weeks, or so she experiences them. The party of her XV years it’s coming, and she will have a big party. She has never been a popular young girl at school, however, now that she’s been gifted a car and party, seems to begin to know what it means that people look at you. It saddens her to consider that the recent interest she experiences, it’s not because of herself, but due that her companions want a «ride», or a ticket for her celebration. Anyway, it’s better than nothing.

She had already crawled into the sheets when she felt a strong desire to go out to see the moon. It was not difficult. Would it be enough to get up and open the window blinds in her room? No, she would have to go out toward the terrace facing west, on the opposite side of the house. She decided to give up the experience and try to fall asleep. Hugged the pillow and snuggled between the sheets to quiet the mind.

*What is your secret to success? Do you also like the moon? How do you get along with your tribe? Comment & share. Thank you.

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