VII Etreum Highway; Experimental Poetry Videoart

VII Etreum Highway. Experimental Poetry Videoart
VII Etreum Highway. Experimental Poetry Videoart by Iris Atma

English: VII Etreum Highway is part of a project of serial performance au film by Vamp Iris Atma Ra. You can listen sound poetry, based at OB instruments names. The camera travels from Guatemala to Mexico, so, you can see the border. It ends with a quote of Nine Inch Nails, and a shout.

Español: VII Etreum Highway es parte de un proyecto de performance serial en filme por Vamp Iris Atma Ra. Puedes escuchar un poema sonoro, basado en nombres de instrumentos obstétricos. La cámara viaja de Guatemala a México, así, puedes ver la frontera. La obra termina con una cita de Nine Inch Nails, y un grito.

VII Etreum Highway. Experimental Poetry Videoart

VII Etreum Highway

Embryotomy forceps
Naegele's Perforator
ebony handle
unplated steel
Robin's Insufflator
Scholler's Cord Carrier
Dubois OB Forceps
Blunt and crochet end of handle
Cut pubic bone joint
Ricord's Bivalve Vaginal Speculum
Braun's Decollator
Wickert Munchen
handled destructive obstetric instrument
Segale tri-valve
Wathen Cervical Dilator
Introducing the blunt hook around the fetal head
Hunter's Depressor
To remove products of conception
Crochet extraction

Thomas Craniotomy Forceps
German lock
Perineorrhapy Set
Mathew's OB Forceps
Perineal laceration
Needles of varyin sizes
Episiotomy incisions
Croquet's Cranioclast
Hamilton Forceps
Hinged Vectis
Cranioclast with English lock
Blot's perforator
Holmes Cranioclast
Embryotomy Forceps with French Lock
Goodell's Cervical Dilator
Crochet with Butterfly handle 
Frightful instruments
Folding Uterine Sound
Spring Loaded Perforator
Thomas' Scoop
Articulate snapcatch handle lock perforator
Zweifel's Trachelorhektor
Two Armed Decapitation Hook
Trepine perforators
Braxton Hick's Cephalotribe
Guarded Blunt Hook & Crochet
Braun's Trephine Perforator
Large & heavy dreadful tool
Speculum Metricis
Scissor Handle Tri-bladed Uterine Dilator
Tarnier's Basiotribe
Huge & heavy formidable instruments of destruction
Blond-Heidler Decapitation Saw... 
there is no fucking you there is only me...

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