Meditation to Transmute the Trauma of the Inquisition and Clean the Lower Astral

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

Unfortunately, many lightworkers have been detected by darkness throughout the ages. The eternal struggle between good and evil. The Inquisition was a tool of darkness to manipulate the timeline of lightworkers and healers. Many of those who work in spirituality have been attacked in some of their lives. Perhaps they have also been aggressors, in a «fight against darkness.» Meditation to release the trauma of the inquisition and clean the low astral, aims to help release such conflicts. It is important to realize it with the faith that light is more victorious than darkness.

Meditation to Transmute the Trauma of the Inquisition and Clean the Lower Astral - Ra'al Ki Victorieux

I . Invocation, connection, protection

Request the assistance of beings of light, spiritual teachers, angels. Respectfully name the spiritual masters to whom you wish to request their assistance, they may be Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Saint Joseph, Virgin Mary, Buddha Kuan-Yin, Buddha Vajrasattva, Parabrahman, Saraswati, the archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Metatron, Sandalfón, Zadquiel. Breathe, place your tongue on the palate. Illuminate your heart with feelings of gratitude, imagine a halo of light from the base of your column to Mother Earth, imagine a halo of light from the centre of your crown to Father Sun. Imagine that you are under a cascade of white violet light liquid, translucent, bright, of unconditional love.

Breathe deeply and slowly, through the roots that connect you to the Earth, send and receive love, nourishing energies, of peace. You take root in the heart of the Earth. Imagine that a circle of light surrounds your body, around this circle, are the beings who assist you in receiving light and love in each breath. Ask the beings of light to help purify your luminous body, your crown chakra, your connection with the higher realms, request that you be covered with a cloud of bright pink liquid love. In this cloud, you can travel through time … With each inhalation, this pink cloud that surrounds you becomes brighter and lighter. Breath light. In each exhalation, you release more and more tension, let go of all worry or stress outside your body. Breathe energy, around you, in 360 degrees. Connect with your inner light. When you inhale you feel lighter as if you were floating. When you exhale you let go of all tension, low vibration energy, any energy that does not belong to you, the opinions or plans of others, you let all that go to the universe to transmute it. Breathe the light and love of the universe in your mental, emotional body, in each of your chakras. With exhalation let go of any sexual energy that does not belong to you, from any previous partner, unless it is the energy of your current partner, let it go. And you float higher and higher, towards a higher consciousness, beyond space and time.

II. Regression; witness and release the trauma

First Portal

Now, we ask that you float to the place and time you were under the influence of the Inquisition. Back in time, on Earth, and when you count to three, you will be in a previous incarnation, but you will be protected with the pink cloud, and you will not feel pain or agony, you will be only a spectator, a visitor. You come here to heal. One, two, three. Look around, witness what happens, if you can’t see, count back to three and you can see. One, two, three. Look at the situation, go to the incident in which you are convicted, and somehow you will know Why were you convicted? This will appear in your mind. And you’ll know too, who did it? This will appear in your mind, now, one, two, three. It will be revealed to you, who are these people in this life, these days, who have persecuted you? You will know, one, two, three. Don’t judge what you see, just watch.

Now we go-ahead to the trial, and you will see the judges who judge you and give testimony concerning you, and you will listen to what they accuse you of and why? And you’ll count to three and you’ll know. Who are these judges in this life? One, two, three. It will show you how your karmas are connected, how you still affect each other. One, two, three. It will be very clear to you. Now we go to the painful part. Have you been tortured, and how have you been tortured, and who tortured you? Maybe to get a confession of you. You will see it now, but you will not be hurt. You can also see if entities are overshadowing the torturer, and you will know who the torturer is in this life, and you will know who these entities are and if they are still affecting you. One, two, three. Now it will be shown to you if those entities affect you energetically in some way, if they have placed energies in your system. This will be shown to you now. If they have implanted energy paths in your chakras, like wormholes, through which they can manipulate you through time and space. If you have those, it will be shown to you, how they have manipulated you through them. One, two, three. Now it will be shown to you if you were cursed, with witchcraft or otherwise, to block you and limit your light. It will be shown to you now how these curses affect you. One, two, three.

Now it will be shown to you, how you cursed those people in your pain and anger, who have been persecuted, tortured, condemned, and betrayed you, even if they were your loved ones. How you cursed them with all the power of your feelings. You’ll see this now, amen. Understandably, you cursed them. Now you’ll see how your curse has affected these people; you could see or feel some answers. One, two, three. Now you can see how this trauma, perhaps of several lives, is now affecting your life mission. One, two, three.

Now you can see if there is any part of you that has not been able to ascend, or if there is a strong impression on the astral level, if there are ghosts, shells, or an echo that still affects you, ask them to come to your presence. Amen. Ask ascension angels to show you these ghosts or echoes, to show them why they chose an incarnation of suffering and torture. Also, show them how their lifeline would go if they stay on this earthly plane and do not forgive and do not let the pain go. Please shown them now. Now, please show them how they will go if they allow themselves to ascend to another dimension, go to heaven, where they will be blessed, even if they were cursed, even if they continue to be angry. And we ask the benevolent beings of light, to come, to welcome them, and celebrate together, bear testimony, heal, love, receive these lost beings in heaven. May they be happy, let themselves go, forgive and let go. Let them go to heaven, they have suffered enough. Now, you can feel, all these energies coming out of you, floating out of you, rising, through the body, from the crown, moving gently toward the light. Smile at them, may your suffering soul have a good trip. You can feel a point that goes to the light, and when it is far away, when it has gone all the way, flashes of light are coming back, and maybe you feel lighter and better. With gratitude for the teaching, close this portal.

Second Portal

We ask that another past, parallel or future timeline be opened, in which you may find yourself receiving or sending negative energies, of a low level of consciousness, of anger, fear, betrayal, hatred, helplessness, black magic, and so on. Before entering that timeline, cancel any vote or contract you have made with the awareness of separation; of serving, fearing, belonging to, being raped by, hiding from, rescuing or fighting the darkness. Let all these votes or contracts go, along with the implants, entities, parasites, seeds, eggs, crystals or associated negative extraterrestrial technology, and their associated effects. Let go, give permission for everything to return to the primordial energy. Breathe and permit to release any consciousness of separation to your true light.

While this is happening, you travel to a place where you sent or received black magic. See what happens? Where is this timeline, in the past, in the future, or a parallel dimension? A timeline that we need to clean because you were involved in low astral situations. Ask your beings of light to neutralize and clean every spell, ritual or enchantment. Breathe and allow any impression or implant of energy in you to be removed. Imagine that you have in your hands, in front of you, a quartz crystal the size of a watermelon, surrounded by ultraviolet fire. You hold it in front of your body, it is a highly magnetic crystal, which begins to extract any implant or entity in your energy body, and seals it inside the crystal. Give the crystal to your higher self, away from your vital energy field. You may need more crystals to clean and release these energies and programs outside of your vital energy. Clean all the spells, rituals, enchantments, implants, of your energy body connected to this life. With the help of the archangel Metatron and the crystals surrounded by violet fire, summon any fragment of your soul that has gone astray or has been trapped in the world of the lower astral. Metatron calls the fragments of your soul to the crystal now. Observe that the light travels, from 360 degrees, from all directions, to the crystal, returning your light that was trapped in the low astral, returns to the glass, not to your body, and is sealed in the crystal. Note that the light returns, and when this has been concluded, Metatron delivers the crystal to your higher self. The light will be purified and healed, and will come back to you at the right time. Request the talents or gifts you can receive from this portal. When you are ready, close this access to other times and dimensions, seal it, close it, and return to your timeline.

III. Low astral purification in all spaces and timelines

Third Portal

Ask to your spiritual guides, the archangels Michael, Sandalfón and Metatron, if there are still other timelines you should work on. In which you have been involved in low astral activities. Ask your angels to clean and purify all these other timelines. And that any fragmented or lost light in these timelines come back to you. Metatron will capture them and deliver to your higher soul for purification, cleansing and future reintegration. Request and allow angels to work in all spaces and timelines, past, future, parallel; cleaning, purifying and recovering fragments of your soul, delivering it to your higher soul, for reintegration. Aloud that all the darkness that can be purified, cleansed in this meditation.

We ask the healing angels, the archangel Michael, the archangel Raphael, to please remove any curse or implants that have been placed in times of trauma, to remove any scar or negative energy package from you, from your line of time, so you can walk again in light and love.

Let any vote or curse we have pronounced against the angels for not saving you, for allowing that cruelty to happen, be released, we let that go now. Amen. Please find it, remove it, and continue until you remove everything. Amen. Feel the darkness withdraw from you, you feel lighter, from your body, from your heart, these waves of energy leave you, let them go with a smile.

We ask the archangels, Gabriel and Uriel, to please remove any hatred or anger we have to the spiritual authorities, the corrupt system, any curses we have pronounced, we let them go so that we don’t have to incarnate with those people again. We ask the angels to find it, to pull it out and continue until everything is removed.

May the angels purify our hearts. That they withdraw any vote we have made of not helping people anymore, because we would get hurt and persecuted, we withdraw those votes. No one is going to burn us anymore. We ask the spiritual masters and the angels, the archangels Metatron and Sandalfon, to withdraw those vows and allow us to be messengers of love and mercy again, workers of light. Any vote we have made to hide our light, of self-censorship, to avoid being persecuted, that please be removed, that you find it, remove it and continue until it ends.

While we clean our timelines, we free ourselves from the 3D Matrix and allow ourselves to be more fully in the 5D Matrix, in the ascension process. Breathe softly. 

IV. Request for guidance and spiritual support 

You can ask the angels and archangels if it is necessary to do something else in your timeline to clean up any interference, if so, follow the instructions. The angels protect you. Now we ask our spiritual team, the Cosmic Christ, our guides, Mother Earth, to guide us and heal us so that we can fulfil the mission of our life from now on. Amen.

Please also remove any obstacles that prevent us from receiving healing energies, and continue to heal us, and when healing is finished, please close any dimensional door, restore balance and harmony, protect us and help us integrate in the most perfect way. Amen.

Is there anything else you should ask for? Any gift or power you should recover? Request it back to you, call it: Please, if there are gifts or spiritual powers that I must recover, that these enter my energetic body in this life, now, thank you.

V. Close Portals. Return to the Here and Now. Thanks.

When you are ready, please ask Miguel and Metatron to close all the portals to other times and dimensions. Seal it, block all portals, dimensions, timelines with light. That any entity, loop, cord, threat or energy connection to those timelines will be removed. Withdraw Any link, vote, agreement, contract, program, interference, implant, artificial intelligence, performed with or by negative extraterrestrial entities. Destroy any contract, give permission to withdraw any connection with the low astral. Let any bleeding, access from the back, curse be removed, that they be sent to the light. May your Akashic records be purified and balanced. Seal your energy field with light and spiritual love. Balance your energy field. May your higher soul create a tunnel of light around you, and seal your energy body.

Return to your body, and ask the Devas, the energy of Mother Earth, the elemental energies, to balance your energy field. Return to Earth, root yourself, if you still have negative energy, that quartz crystals the size of a watermelon, around your body remove anything that should not be in your energy field. Let only your true light return with you. Let the crystals extract from your aura what is not for your benefit. In this way, more light can come back to you. When the work is done, the crystals return to Earth.

We will count three, and we will be back in the physical body, fully awake, and with the clear memory of everything that has happened. We will be able to receive the information, integrate the lessons, with mercy. It will be an easy and pleasant process. You will feel lighter and much better than you have felt before. Amen. One, two, three. Back in your physical body and in the present time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all beings of light and love who helped us in this meditation and allowed us to do this work. If necessary, continue on the following days, or even through sleep. In light and love. So be it, amen.

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Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Thank you.

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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