Meditation to Heal from Sexual Abuse

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

Many people have suffered sexual assault when children or in adulthood, in this life or a past one. The person may experience shame, feel dirty, broken, even guilty. Their friends, family members or the appropriate authorities may re-victimize them when doubt them testimony, insult them, blame them, etc. Some victims could become rapists of others as a derivation of trauma. The pain and grief that they experience may cause them not to dare to ask for help for their healing, however, they must receive professional help to overcome the situation.

Meditation to Heal Sexual Abuse - Ra'al Ki Victorieux

One of the ways to soften the trauma is meditation. Start to ask for help and spiritual protection. Breath deeply. Imagine you are protected, sure. If you like, you can imagine that a blanket covers you, warm and soft. It’s a blanket or rebozo of your favourite colour, and it will keep you safe on the trip. Now you descend by an elevator that will take you ten floors down, towards your unconscious, where you can find your inner child. Press level 10 on the elevator, and go down… Let go of your thoughts… 9, 8, 7, every time you feel more relaxed… 3, 2, 1… Breath softly, slowly, deeply…

When you open the door you find yourself on a beach, you feel the breeze on your skin, you hear the rumour of the waves, you are sure, and nobody will bother you in this place. Find a comfortable place to sit and watch the waves. Now, invite your inner child, or the part of you who suffered the abuse, to meet you and talk. Look at the sea, and you will see that a part of you that needs to talk with you and heal, it comes close to you. Thank her for coming to find you, hug this part of you and shelter it in your blanket, which is large enough to comfortably cover you both. Tell her you’ve come to help. Ask her how are you, how do you feel with my life, which is yours? Listen to what she shares. Very good.

Now you tell her, that you would like her to remember how she was bothered, and how she felt right after that… It may be that she tells you in words, or that you may find yourself as an observer, witness. You have the strength to heal this wound, you are calm, there will be no danger or pain. You can only see the moment as an image external to you, and you will also observe yourself after the situation when you were alone and in need of love. Ready? Look at the space, whether it is interior or exterior. Remember that you have everything within you to heal. Hold on, stay with that part of you that needs comfort. Tell her you love her, and everything will be fine. Tell her she did nothing wrong, and that you love her. Tell her she didn’t deserve what happened to her and that you love her. Tell her she’s not broken, that you love her. Everything will be fine. Tell her you love her, you will protect her and keep her safe. Hold her and say in her ear: —I love you, I will protect you and keep you safe. I’m here, you’re not alone. 

Now, ask her how has this experience affected your relationships? How has it influenced your ability to enjoy sexuality? Very good. Keep talking, how has this incident influenced your love relationships? How does this incident or these incidents affect your self-esteem? Listen patiently, be understanding. Tell this part of you that is doing it very well. Can you explain if there is a part of your body where you carry the trauma? Now ask how this affected your body and your health? We are doing very well. Do you remember the person or people who did this to you? Question her, what made them do this to you? Maybe that person was also raped? Breath deeply. Was it something personal? Did you have a karma of the past, victim or perpetrator related to rape? Very good.

Now, it is time to express your anger or frustration. It is completely safe, nobody is going to bother you anymore. You are an adult now. Just motivate that part of you that was violented to express her anger, to move, shout, insult, spit on that person or people who did that to her. Don’t repress it, let it go, it’s time to do it, now you’re sure. Express it, if necessary hit a pillow. Take a deep breath, let it go. Now, stop fighting the darkness, and simply dissolve everything by embracing the light. Try to forgive this person. It is not that by forgiving him we will free him from his karmic retribution, it is just that you do not want to be the person who does. You are not looking for personal revenge, and you let go of the hate so you don’t have to reincarnate with that person again. Let go of all ties or contact with that person. Say: —I forgive you and let you out of my life. Amen. —Maybe you feel lighter when this happens. Repeat the statement: —I forgive you and let you out of my life. Amen.

We request the presence of the spiritual masters, and mainly of Virgin Mary, and we ask that please they remove any block of negative emotions or trauma from our physical and energetic body. They know how to do it. You also know where it hurts, and work with them. Very good. Please clean our hearts, put your hands around and remove all pain and mistrust, so that we can love again, have love in our lives. Amen. We ask that they also remove all the anger, the fear of our abdomen, now. Amen. We ask if there is still an energy connection with the person who bothered us. How does this affect us in the present? We ask the Virgin to please remove any connection with the one who assaulted us. That feels good. We request that any implant or remnant of energy that we still have in the body, be also removed from us. Amen. We request that any part of the soul that could not take the pain, the humiliation of the moment of aggression, that those parts of the soul be purified and can please return and integrate into us. Amen. You probably perceive energy coming back to you, receive it. You feel more complete. Ask how your life is going to be different now after this healing? Embrace that part of you, and thank them for their collaboration in this purification. Ask her when do you want us to do another session? in a week, in a few days? Well, several sessions may be required.. 

Now is the time to play. Become eagles, you in an eagle, your youngest self in another eagle. Fly along the beach, fly high, and have a nice view. Fly and make a few circles, and have fun, and maybe make free flight, turns. Maybe you descend quickly to the waves, and then go up to the cosmos, to space, to visit the galaxies. Very good! Ask what do you find fun in your life? Maybe you can do it more frequently. Now ask if there is something she would like you to do, what would be that thing to make her happy? Pay attention, maybe you can do it. Build a relationship. You can keep flying as much as you want.

It is time to return to your body, breathe deeply, descend to the earth. Embrace. You can ask this part of you if she wants to stay in the sea of ​​your unconscious or if she wants to enter your heart and body. Whatever she wants, do it now. You return to the elevator and it rises, higher and higher. The more you ascend, the more awake you feel. 5, 4, 3… You start to move your fingers, to stretch. Now you are awake, in your body, and remember everything that happened, you can integrate it, and release the trauma. It is also good that you drink plenty of water to detoxify yourself.

Through the performance of meditation frequently, the trauma will gradually be released. Remember that it is not your fault and that this world is better with your light.

Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Thank you.

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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