Heal Trauma Triggers

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

According to psychology, human beings experience various traumas, including: childhood, sexual abuse, physical and psychological abuse, interpersonal, etc. These traumas derive from a situation that occurs suddenly or unexpectedly, in which the individual does not have the capacity to handle a problem. The person experiences confusion, pain, and creates resistance to such situations, with the intention of avoiding experiencing something similar. Unfortunately, when the trauma is not healed, the person can vibrate in resistance / attraction to such situations, and thus repeat them. The unconscious does it this way, with a good intention, to invite the person to learn to heal. However, the repetition of the trauma can cause immense pain and suffering to the individual, who, if does not find healing, goes into shock, and can negatively alter his psychology; thinking, feeling and behavior. Those who experience trauma generally feel guilt, shame, irritability, insomnia, nightmares, fear, anxiety, nervousness, and confusion.

In mental health terms, a trigger refers to something that affects your emotional state, often significantly, by causing extreme overwhelm or distress. A trigger affects your ability to remain present in the moment. It may bring up specific thought patterns of influence your behavior.

You take some small steps in order to heal, as, allow yourself to: make mistakes, have fear and trauma (don’t blame yourself), not always being social, ask for help when you need it, not concerning other’s opinion.

Heal Trauma Triggers

Do you want to educate yourself, and get a better comprenhension about trauma triggers, and the healing process? You can look for help from a mental health professional you can trust, and if you like to meditate, check my article Meditations for Healing Trauma by Wolfgang Arndt.

Also, I recomend you to invest some time to study «Richard Grannon Fortress Mental Health Protection«, a free online video course, I will put the videos at the end of this article.

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