I Love Serenades; Interview with Sugar Bloom

We meet Iris Aggeler, known as Sugar Bloom, in a café-bar in the south of the city, her pink hair is unmistakable. Accompanied by a bottle of rosé wine, Sugar tells us anecdotes from his love letter project, who she admires, what kind of men she is attracted to, and the fascination she has for art.

Tell us an important anecdote in your life.
My loved ones are very important in my life… I am convinced that love is one, regardless of who you experience it with… That is also why I cultivate epistolary territory, and my dedications always start «Love, l@ve» … The at sign is because I resort sometimes to the Internet to reach the recipient or thousands of strangers, hehe. Loving in this way has allowed me to discover that many people consider themselves more attacked when they are loved than when they are confronted with political issues… I mean, I have never been so insulted as when I send love letters in bulk. Could it be that we as a society have achieved a blockade to the pink note? However, I am convinced that no one wants to block their ability to give or receive love, at least not consciously… but many are those who hide their hearts in walls and armor, for fear of being hurt… It is very sad, that is why I do not get irritated when my love is not reciprocated or even someone reacts violently or aggressively because I understand that there must be a lot of pain in that person to have lost the power of the roses; the softness.

I Love Serenades; Interview with Sugar Bloom

How do you describe your real or ideal partners?
I like someone trustworthy and courteous; chivalry is a diamond, it allows you to talk about what you want and even avoid very difficult situations. I fall in love with a good lover, and nothing better than someone who likes himself very much and is in contact with his body energy. I love serenades, I guess sometimes I get carried away by retro romanticism, although being practical, I am fascinated by someone who wants a woman to share with, and makes me feel loved. Hmm, something anti-ideal that I can recognize on the first date is for example sexist comments; that some sports or artistic activities are not for women, or that some trait of freedom in a woman means, according to him, losing respect for her. I do not tolerate fundamentalists or people who make offensive jokes or over-developed egos or people who do not use to bathe, hehe, well, that has no style.

What is your purpose or desire in life?
Love… Well, it sounds simple, but actually, I think that although I have fallen in love several times… And yet I am clear that I love the word love and I am still discovering its meaning. I love being a woman, loving, being love, being loved… I love the Earth, this land that gives roots to emotions. I love the rhythm and the echo of the steps with which rounds to destiny are won… I love the memory, the unnameable, the ineffable… And names; my name, his name, the name of God, language, languages.

How were your childhood and family life?
In my childhood, I spent a lot of time reading fairy tales, comics, dictionaries, encyclopedias. My mother is Mexican and a perfectionist. During my childhood and adolescence, I adored the teachings and taste for the adventure of my male ancestors. I loved to imagine that I could accompany them on their travels, sadly most of them have already died. However, I enjoy their memory and the memories of places I have walked, for example; I love Paris, the City of Light. I enjoy good absinthe and of course, once I had to go to the Lido and the Moulin Rouge to toast and receive the year, I even thought about being a dancer, but actually, because I have dedicated myself to the visual arts, I identify more with the history and art of the lovely count Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec.

What food do you prefer?
I am a fan of Indian, German, Italian food, and exotic flavors. I also like natural food… well, there are many aphrodisiac things in nature, hehe. I like, for example, a mimosa; orange juice and champagne, in the morning… And I love the creation of atmospheres; when a meal is accompanied by good music, soft light, a cozy place, and good company. I enjoy giving myself time to live.

What is your favorite color and why?
Mexican pink, because it is a sexy, luminous, passionate, feminine color. I also think it is a brave color.

What animal is your favorite or your pet?
My pet is a magenta cat, it looks like the Pink Panther and the Cheshire cat in that it appears and disappears at will, sometimes revealing only its smile. She has crimson stripes and likes to guess. It doesn’t exist in the physical world, it’s like an imaginary alebrije friend who sometimes talks to me, has a very sharp wit, beats television, hahaha.

What is your horoscope?
I will not tell you… but you will assume to know me from a date, instead of making an effort to pay attention to my presence. But I can confess that I like the Sun more than the Moon, and Venus has a loving place for me among the planets. Also, in numbers; the two amazes me, and the nine I love: it is a feminine number, related to the mother, the sea, the nautilus, the golden section.

Who are you a fan of?
Fashion changes very fast, and we are generally fans of those ephemeral wonders built on media repetition. The affection that we can dedicate to historical figures is a little more constant, although sometimes we discover documents that transform our way of seeing the past, some figures have left a trail of light that seduces us: Coco Chanel, George Sand, Maria Callas; women of light! Of course, I am also a fan of Valentino, Agustín Lara, Robert Rauschenberg… they have also heard the voice of their creativity for the good of all. I enjoy reading artist biographies; I admire those who conquer and their voice and create their universe… I like to follow their example.

What is the conflict you have to achieve success?
I realized that the more I looked for love, the more it seemed to run away from me… then I stopped looking outside, and although I have not been in a relationship for years, I am learning to love myself. I believe that the conflicts to achieve healthy self-esteem are the main problem to success that many people have. Sometimes we believe that the blockade is outside, and that is to a certain extent understandable, but in reality, it is «giving up our power», because even if we make judgments of others, and think that we act with good intention, we cannot change others. It is better to put those energies and goodwill to work on being the best version of ourselves.

What is your phobia?
The torture of abandonment, (and it is not a quote from Shakira’ «La Tortura»), abandonment to oneself, trying not to feel or not give importance to our needs. Get stuck in negative patterns.

What is your power?
To transit to other realities through art. But this is a secret, eh? Well, I suppose that all creators have that power… Sometimes when I want something, I dedicate myself to recreating it with shapes, colors, and I have noticed that many times I enter the work or this work begins to embrace me… It is like an invocation or a transit that without ceasing to be as mundane as fashion or establishment… seems to revive what creative, demiurge, I can be, like every woman.

Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Thank you.

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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