We Provide You Artistic Education so You Reach Creative Freedom

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

If you are interested in learning art and developing your creativity, you are in the right place. We offer books, workshops, conferences, and coaching.

1. Why promote Education and Artistic Creativity?

To learn art encourages self-expression and creativity, and can build confidence, a sense of individual identity, critical thinking and the ability to interpret the world around us.

Unesco issued a report with the title “Learning to be”, in which we find recommendations related to artistic education:

  • The artistic experience —in the order of production of forms and aesthetic enjoyment— is one of the paths that lead to the perception of the world in its eternal novelty. As necessary as developing in the individual the ability to think clearly, is developing the powers of imagination, this imagination that is one of the great springs of scientific invention, as well as the source of artistic creation.
  • From the point of view of education, what counts is not only the tangible result of artistic activities but also the dispositions of the spirit and heart that they arouse.
  • The interest in the beautiful, the ability to perceive and integrate it’s one of the fundamental demands of the person. However, artistic education could and should assume another function that until now has only been timidly outlined in educational practice: as a means of entering into communication with the natural and social environment, of understanding it and, if necessary, answering it.

For these and many other reasons at Atma Unum we consider it necessary to promote creativity and artistic education.

Artistic Education

2. What we offer


  • Art. Artistic education; Theory, Cultural Management and Social Psychology
  • @rt. Art and the network; Communication and Learning with Multimedia.
  • Teaching. History and Values in Art Education
  • Mexican Art. 1950-2000
  • Semper Victrix. Art of Spiritual Protection


Our programs are aimed at:

  • General public, people and groups interested in expanding their cultural knowledge and quality of life.
  • Entrepreneurs, industrialists and people in the business area who are interested in making their companies an environment with greater cultural richness, and promote the development of their human resources.
  • Teachers and parents interested in having more training tools.
  • Professionals in the arts area who seek get trained.


The coaching sessions may be related to aspects of project management, portfolio review, the spiritual dimension of a series of works, etc. The session is one hour long, previously scheduled, to take place through a video stream. The cost is $30 USA

3. Testimonials from our students

“The course seemed very good to me, I was very pleased to know the usefulness of the Internet to broaden the panorama we have of art, as well as the management and copyright.” May Alba Aguilar

“I found the course very complete, with information that allows us a better understanding of contemporary art. Ra’al Ki Victorieux’s attitude is of great knowledge of the subject and willingness to teach.” Aminda Díaz

“The course was a super-macro-hyper-experience that made me feel different things and contemplate new paths where to go. These kinds of workshops are very important for all the people who like the craft of art. Thank you.” César

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Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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