Instagram Mini-Guide for Beginners

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

More than 25 million companies worldwide are already using Instagram business. The vast majority of Instagram users are under the age of 35, with a fairly close split between male and female users. The United States has the largest number of Instagram users, closely followed by India, Brazil, and Indonesia. If you are interested in learning how to use Instagram for Business, here you will find tips to help yo thrive. 

  1. HAVE AT LEAST 3 BUSINESS ACCOUNTS LINKED: As you must know, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are different areas of the same enterprise. So, It would be cool if you open a business account on the three platforms, whit the same name, logo, and visual style. I invite you to follow my Facebook Page, and Instagram.
  2. HAVE A LINK WITH ALL YOUR LINKS: As you can only add one link on your Instagram profile, you can have a page on your website or a post on your blog with your links list. Or you also con use linktree, or omnilink which give you a public link directory. 
  3. DEFINE YOUR BRAND CHARACTER: Transmit your mission, personality on emotions and images. Select your principal colours. Design a business image personality. 
  4. POST, POST, POST: A. Say who are you, what can you do for your followers, how can you help your followers, what needs of your followers can you fulfil. which are your values, how you can give security, build trust with your followers. If you work in education, how are you gonna help them to be more intelligent? B. Tell what’s new, if you have new address or products. Are you celebrating something? Can some of your clients share his experience? 
  5. BE CREATIVE: Use image, design and video. Canva is a cool site that helps you to design for social media. You can try hyperlapse to make videos on fast forward, or boomerang to make 6 seg videos. Also, you can use Mobile Facebook Studio.
  6. USE 20 – 30 HASHTAGS: Use a maximum of 30 Hashtags. You can search for the most popular and you also can make your hashtags list by categories, for example: Product Category Keywords: #painting #beautiful #handmade #happyhouse Brand Category Hashtags: #contemporaryart #style #happyartday #artsandcrafts Location Specific Hashtags: #Mexico #Latinamerica #World #Mexicanart You can have stored your hashtags on your phone notes, so it can be easier to copy and paste when needed. 
  7. USE EMOJIS: You can use emojipedia to get inspiration, copy and paste emojis. 
  8. BUILD A BEAUTIFUL PROFILE: Your Instagram page is built by squares on lines of 3. So, plan your post in order to design with those groups of 3, 6 or 9 squares. Make it pretty.  
  9. GET FOLLOWERS IN YOUR NICHE: Seduce your competitor’s followers. Seek for your closet competitors Instagram accounts, and engage with their audience. Follow your competitors’ followers and interact with likes, comments and shares. These people have shown interest in your products or services, by following your competitor’s account.   
  10. PAY ADDS: You can pay for promotion on Instagram. Establish how much do you can spend, and set an add. 
  11. PAY PROMOTION: Take note of the larges accounts on your niche. If you need to find them, you could use the webstagram directory of influencers If they have an e-mail on their profile, usually they are open to promote others. You can write to them and ask how much they charge in order to promote your brand, their sponsored post pricing. It could be 20, 50 dollars or more for a post, depending on the number of their followers. 
  12. SET A GOAL AND EVALUATE YOUR SUCCESS: Measure your statistics, establish how much you want to grow over time, let’s say in three months, try some strategies to get it, and measure again. You can use Instagram analytics, and you also can try webstagram to analyze and track your Instagram account. 

Have these tips been useful? Do you recommend something else? Please comment!

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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