Parasite or the Stones that a Family Can Carry

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The film Parasite revolves around the dark and tragic energies that a haunted stone unleashes, the smell of poverty, the ambition to achieve wealth, etc. The popular saying «Leave no stone unturned» tells us of looking everywhere, even under the stones, to try to find something that we have lost. Many of us do not know that we have lost something, or that under the foundation stones of our home or family are hidden secrets that struggle to come to light.

“The past cannot be changed. But the future is still in your power. «


Dark cinema seems to be in fashion, not only because this 2019 South Korean film won Oscars, but also because of the importance given to cinema noir recently, the creepy way in which Jared Leto wore his decapitated head at the Met Gala of 2019 -which was later declared lost-, the pandemic year of 2020, and the way in which this 2021 we are flooded in vaccine and zombie apocalypse memes. The truth is that Jared Leto will star this year in the long-awaited terror movie Morbius.

Returning to the Korean film, the story presents us with a family of four, the Kims: father, mother, son, daughter, who live in a very precarious way, in a semi-basement with very few comforts, it is difficult for them to find a job to survive. A friend of the young man gives them a scholar’s stone, Gongshi, and also recommends his friend to a wealthy family for a job as an English teacher. This successful family, the Parks, is also made up of four: father, mother, daughter, son. The young teacher finds a clever way to make the Parks not only hire his sister to teach arts, but also to fire the housekeeper and driver, and hire their parents in such positions. However, the basement of the house hides a secret. It is very interesting how dogs, and young people seem to realize the hidden messages, or the energies that adults ignore, engrossed in their work or in themselves. The little heir of the wealthy family has seen and «heard» (with morse code) the «ghost», or secret in the «black box». The pets naively watch the two families come and go around the house. The young man from the poor family seems to have a strong communication with the stone, he observes it as if it were saying something to him, he takes it with him when surviving a flood, he hugs it before sleeping… he worries about finding a better place for it. – «It’s as if it doesn’t want to let me go,» he confesses to his father. At the same time, it is as if he does not want to give up his dream for a better life.

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However, like a group of blind people who go to the precipice without being able to avoid it, they become the subjects of a tragedy that claims at least five lives: Four dead and one prisoner. The ex-housekeeper dies after falling down the stairs, the arts teacher is stabbed by a «homeless man», who falls after the mother of the victim pierces him with a sword. Also, out of his mind, the driver, Mr. Kin, murders his boss. Afterwards, Mr. Kin will live locked up … The scenes seem to tell us that he could not contain himself when the man of the house held his nose because he could not bear the smell of common people, of ordinary people, of those who go by metro, of those who are like their humble family… Regardless of the strength of the recurring symbols that are the stone and the smell of poverty, we could also think that one or more «angry ghosts» through the influence of stone, drove actions in others, as if they were puppets. The truth is that we are witnessing a staging of aporophobia, social inequity and chaos.

Although some interpret that the title of the film refers to the family of workers, in my particular interpretation, there is the possibility that the parasite is the stone, and the negative energies contained in it, which influence the occurrence of murders, guilt, convictions, confinements. A preeminent place in the film is the house that has an underground, a bunker to protect owners in times of war. From that place emerges Oh Geun-sae, a man of the third family. Basements are often metaphors for the past, and for «the stones that we have not yet released.» In Feng shui the stones, the mountains, are symbols of the ancestors. This symbolism makes us think that in this particular story, we are in front of a paranormal stone, which was either cursed, or has ghosts, or was a sacrificial stone. In many places, commonly in cemeteries, stones are used to keep the memory of those who have left. It would seem that it was the stone that brought these three families together and influenced the tragic outcome.

Among the stories of various places with haunted rock formations, we can mention Tower Rock, in Illinois, United States. It is a 400-million-year-old rock island in the middle of the Mississippi River, and a tragic wedding is said to have occurred there on April 9, 1839. The wedding party crossed the river to celebrate the ceremony atop Tower Rock. Then the group’s boat was caught in a whirlpool. The only survivor was a slave. That day the groom’s niece was also born. On her 20th birthday, she celebrated at Tower Rock. They say that the slave who survived the whirlpool was the «special guest» of the celebrant. At the celebration, the original wedding party seemed to emerge from the depths of the Mississippi River. Another shocking story is that of the Execution Rocks Lighthouse in New York. This lighthouse on Long Island Sound was the site of executions during the Revolutionary War. British soldiers used to chain prisoners to rocks at low tide, causing them to drown at rising tide. In the early 1900s, a serial killer brought his victims alive to the scene, throwing them overboard with a stone and chain attached. Many sailors claim to have heard ghostly screams and the sound of metal coming from the rocky ridges that give this island its name. Another case worthy of mention is the Petrified Wood in the Petrified Forest National Park. All the people who steal any of the stones, return them with letters that relate the terrible fate they suffered while such rocks were in their possession. This prompted Ryan Thompson, an art teacher in Chicago, in 2011 to collect some of the «conscience letters» in the «Bad Luck, Hot Rocks» project.

In the film Parasites, the young Ki-woo decides to leave the stone in a river with running water. In spiritual schools, it is recommended to clean the stones in this way, either by burying them, putting them in the sun, letting them rest in water with sea salt, or in case they are very contaminated stones, in a place with running water. Also, some spiritual masters dedicate part of their service to helping ghosts that have been trapped in the astral ascend. This happens when there have been deaths with violence – as in the Execution Rocks Lighthouse, or in the case of murders or sacrifices. Sometimes ghosts are very angry and resist «going to heaven» because they still have a desire for revenge. If this text resonates with any situation that you may be experiencing in your family, I suggest you read this «Meditation to Release the Warrior Lineage«, practice it at least 21 times, and/or go to a professional. Remember that if you are purifying a family tree or a place that has been linked to a program of evil for generations, it will not be «clean» with a single meditation, but with a series of meditations.

The drama, suspense, and dark humor film Parasites was directed by Bong Joon-ho and starred Song Kang-ho, Lee Sun-kyun, Cho Yeo-jeong, Choi Woo-shik, and Park So-dam. The film premiered on May 21, 2019 at the Cannes Film Festival, where it became the first South Korean film to win the Palme d’Or. It was made on a budget of $ 11 million and earned $ 254,088,600. USD, which represents the worldwide acceptance of the film.

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