The New Mutants; Hope or Threat?

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

The New Mutants is a film about teenagers who discover in a painful way that they have special powers. What does society do with this potential? According to this work, they are enclosed and observed meanwhile someone decides if they will be useful for objectives determined by some kind of power. Is it a dark version of a superhero movie? Is it a fantasy that speaks to us in a metaphorical way of the power to evolve when we face dire and terrifying situations?

Los Nuevos Mutantes ¿es una fantasía que nos habla en una forma metafórica del poder de evolucionar cuando enfrentamos situaciones nefastas y terroríficas?

Going to the cinema in times of precautionary traffic lights due to the epidemic makes it possible for you to have practically the entire room to yourself. Many rows and some seats are taped up with black and yellow tape. Even because we attended the last show of the day, at 8.50 PM, the shopping plaza was quite deserted, and we came to think that the cinema would be closed. Yet life goes on. Although we shouted, «Is there anyone here?» In the ticket area, since there was not a soul to be seen, after walking around looking for some life in the place, we found a girl to attend us at the box office. With tickets in hand, we headed to the food counter, where a guy put on a new pair of gloves to prepare our order. Upon entering the room, we realized that there were only five of us in the cinema. The first few ads emphasize that they disinfect the rooms after every performance and follow careful hygiene measures throughout the venue. Definitely, not only the cinema but many other entertainment and cultural businesses that depend on the influx of live people, such as concerts, theaters, bars, have suffered a setback at this time. We hope things improve soon.

Well, let’s go back to the movie: The group of young mutants must learn to know and control their abilities to achieve freedom. They are in an old red house, it has a prison appearance, and includes a cemetery and a fountain without water, with a sculpture of what looks like an angel. There are three girls and two young men. The protagonist, Mirage, is a Cheyenne, a Native American mutant, with powers of telepathy, she can create illusions extracted from people’s fears and desires. Wolfsbane is a young werewolf believing in Catholicism, with the ability to transform into a wolf, she has nightmares about the repression of the church. Magik has teleportation powers to a «limbo» dimension in which she has managed to discover her magnificent sword fighting powers. Cannonball can gather thermodynamic energy to fly, and in the air, he is invulnerable. Sunspot is a Brazilian mutant with the ability to handle solar energy and fire it at will. They are under the care of «doctor» Cecilia, who is also a mutant, with the ability to create a protective bio-field at will.

There are two bears within us: one represents destruction, terror, and the other light, love. The one that we feed with our thoughts and actions will prevail.

The main theme is the fight with psychology and «dark entities» that inhabit us. This situation of being able to influence others to «control» their dreams, evolutionary capacities, and the questioning of the power that decides concerning to who should survive and be included as members of society, and who should be eliminated, is also a theme in other artworks like: The movie Matilda, in which a girl who experiences violence develops supernatural abilities to achieve freedom. Also the anime: Koi to Producer: EVOL × LOVE, and Naruto. In EVOLxLOVE, a group of young people develop special abilities, which is why they are persecuted by both the human police and a mutant organization called Black Swan. In Naruto some ninjas have techniques to cause hallucinations, nightmares in their victims. These are vision techniques known as Dojutsus. The Sharingan is a power that among other things allows the victim to be trapped in a world of nightmare and torture. The Tenseigan and the Rinnegan have among their abilities the ability to extract the soul of a person and read their mind, or to manipulate bodies of the deceased.

Mutants have been parallel to the battle for the inclusion of all individuals in society, whether they are from various origins, nations, sexual orientations, economic strata, etc. At some point in history, societies came to expose as circus animals those who were born with some obvious physical disability. They even exhibited as «freaks» indigenous people from Australia or America. Will we as humanity manage to accept those who are diverse, and remember that all sentient beings want to live, be loved, love, and to be happy? What do you think?

The New Mutants is an American superhero horror film, based on the comic by the publisher Marvel Comics, is produced by 20th Century Studios and distributed by Walt Disney. It is the latest and thirteenth installment in the X-Men franchise. It aired on August 28, 2020.

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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