Psychic Self-Defense; Self-Healing

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

To my beloved spiritual teachers. 

It is about health and social life. There are some persons which can make you feel weak after interacting with them. Some call them Psychic vampires, but it is not about literature or science fiction. It is about a salesperson who persuades you to buy a non-essential article. A child receiving harsh arguments from his teacher or parents, or being bullied by «friends». An employee feels uncomfortable when he steps into his office, or finds the boss too aggressive. A colleague breaks into an angry outburst and things go on and on. We say that stress is the sickness of our times. So, we need some tools in order to keep safe our spiritual, mental, emotional, physical body and our spaces -home or workplace-. Let’s try to make our world not a battlefield, but a sacred place. Ancient spiritual teachers, and some martial arts masters know some secrets about this discipline called Psychic Self-Defense.

I am sorry to say that nowadays some are harming some peoples, intentionally or unintentionally, just by ignorance or even making profit and business with it. Please, be careful, now that energy healing is becoming popular, take care of not falling into megalomaniacs who misuse and pervert the Divine Science which has been shared to benefit mankind. The right kind of Psychic Self-Defense must teach you simple ways to protect yourself, your space and your loved ones. The teachings can be applied at home and at work to improve quality of life. This is done without harming anyone, just establishing limits and taking care of yourself.

There are some basic things you should learn to take care of your vital energy. To understand what is an aura. To be aware that thinking, feeling are interconnected and are powerful creative ways we have to make living beings -a thought entity, or a thought form, which can be fuelled by feelings. The stronger the feelings – thoughts, the stronger and well defined the entity will be. So, you can create them in a state of full conscience or of ignorance. Never mind; this forms you create will have an influence in your life quality. We are talking about love, ambition, irritation, anger, willful instruction, fear, etc. If a thought entity contains the exact content of your thoughts and emotions, your psychic radiatory field (in your aura) contains the quality of them.

So; before starting to look around you for energetic vampires, start making you aware of improving the quality of your thoughts and emotions. Be careful whit weakening, aggressive, snobbish, racist, enslaving and violent thoughts. You could be a victim of your own ideas. Make a conscience effort to bring light, love and power thoughts to your life. Work in your self healing power.

To the Supreme God, to my spiritual teacher, to all the spiritual teachers, to all the saints, holy angels, healing angels, healing ministers and the great ones, thank you for the blessing and the healing.

Of course this is just a blink into what the subject of energetic self-defense is, if you want to learn more, I will write for you some suggestions. Remember, you are loved, you can learn to heal your self. Enlighten your heart and become wise. The art of «intuiting» requires meditation and discipline. Thanks for your attention. God blessings.

P.S. Some useful links about the subject:

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. Practical Psychic Self-Defense for Home and Office. Book printed by Institute for Inner Studies.

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Energy Vampires 

I also suggest you step back and think about what type of people aggravate you, because I believe that one law of energy is that we attract what we haven’t yet worked out in ourselves. When someone is a very angry person, will find that is surrounded by angry people.By paying attention to the people who seem so draining, you might discover something you need to address in yourself. It has been my experience that once you’ve worked through a particular issue, you’re no longer worn out by that kind of energy vampire. And the vampires, robbed of a source, move on to more easily drainable audiences.

Psychic Vampires

Positive Energy Spin  

Question: What’s the biggest mistake people make when they want more energy?

Answer: They go after the quick fix. They think they can get their energy in a can or a pill or a double latte. You can’t replace sleep with a double latte. We’ve gotten away from the basics, sleeping and eating well and exercising, and moved toward a life where we use so much energy all the time, but we never restock, and when we do we use the wrong things.

Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Thank you.

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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  1. avoid energy draining: cover your chackras with that reflective material of dry food bags (the ones that are shiny metallic inside. Wear white clothes, white pajamas. Make your aura stronger: Eat a raw garlic unit a day, or slice one and swallow it.

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