Organizing my Office, 3

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

I have been thinking about the relationship between «defective» organizational systems and dysfunctional family trees. Also, I have located the «nomenclature» of accumulation in the clinical field. For example, there is talk in general terms of the Compulsive Hoarder Syndrome, the Diogenes Syndrome, and in particular, for those who accumulate animals, the Noe Syndrome, and in the case of books is Bibliomania, which is different from Bibliophilia.

I indeed manifest bibliophilia, I do not believe I manifest bibliomania, because I try to gather books not because they interest me as objects, but because -although I have not read all of them- it is the promise of their information, wisdom, related to specific fields of knowledge in which I try to work, which makes me buy them. However, I don’t currently have an inventory or a system to manage my personal library, so I started by doing an online search to find apps that can help me.

Organizing my Office, 3. Ra'al Ki Victorieux. Atma Unum
Organizing my Office, 3. Ra’al Ki Victorieux. Atma Unum

Library Management Software


Here you can enter what you’re reading or your whole library. It’s a library-quality catalog. You can enter with Facebook, and link your Twitter account. Then you go to «Add Books» and you can search for them by author, title, ISBN, etc. I entered my name -Ra’al Ki Victorieux- and searched Amazon, and thus I added several titles of my authorship to my collection. Then I searched for books by other authors. Because searches can be done at Overcat*, Amazon, Washington, DC, Library of Congress, and the British bookstore, although they include results in Spanish, I did not find the first books I searched for in their database. So I would have to capture the bibliographic record manually for each one.

Also, in the case of a book, I have the first edition from 1972, and only those from the 90s appear in the catalog, so I added the one from 91, and I edited the data to enter the year 72. On the other hand, I lean towards cultural and artistic editions made by Latin American universities and institutions, and many of these materials still do not appear in digital databases. Of 21 books, I found 6 in the database, which I was able to add to my digital library.

*Overcat is LibraryThing’s searchable database of over 60 million high-quality cataloging records. It includes records from over 700 library systems worldwide. The records have been obtained from public archives and from Z39.50 searches done by LibraryThing members.


App for Cloud Cataloging. You can make a library of books, movies, music, and video games. Just scan your ISBN/UPC barcode using a physical scanner or the free mobile apps and they take care of the rest. They offer free and paid subscription options to best fit your needs.

Forms of organization

There are 8 ways to organize the books in your library
1- According to the Dewey System.
2- In alphabetical order.
3- By publisher.
4- By types of readings.
5- By reading order.
6- By color and size.
7- According to personal order.
8- By gender and alphabetical order.

Among the forms of organization that I do not consider may be useful to me:
1-In alphabetical order.
2- By publisher.
3- By reading order.
4- By color and size.
5-By gender and alphabetical order.

One of the systems that I would like to learn more about is:
1- According to the Dewey System. I am a little familiar with this system, basically from my visits to libraries. It would be useful to know more and use the information for the bibliographic card that you add to each book.

The two types of organization that appeal to me the most, in fact, the books I prefer are organized this way:
1- By types of readings.
2- According to personal order.

In electronic applications to catalog books, they usually ask you to divide your books a) by collections b) by the use you give them, that is, if you are reading them, you have finished reading them, or they are part of your wish list.

I consider that it is good to reflect on what the system will be to classify and order your personal library, before continuing the exploration of the many applications that exist to catalog my library in the digital world. It would probably also be useful to buy a box of opaline cards to add a bibliographic card to each book, as they do in some public libraries.

*God bless, I wish you healing and light. I appreciate it if you like or share this post.

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