Ra’al Ki Victorieux imagines a rocker Virgin Mary at the Lacandon jungle

A brightly colored painting, and songs with intense notes, are how Victorieux expresses his devotion to the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe. Our Lady Lupita is a Marian invocation of the Catholic Church, whose image has its main cult center, the Basilica of Guadalupe, in Mexico City. The painter creates a version of the image that combines the traditional costumes of the brunette Virgen with that of the Lacandones, inhabitants of the Chiapas jungle. It is a synthesis of huipil/cotón, with the prints of the tunic and the virgin’s cloak. The virgin’s robe is pink with floral figures in gold and crimson shades and represents the earth, the blue mantle, studded with golden stars, represents the sky. The Lacandones use a white cotton that falls slightly below the knees, and the women a brightly colored huipil with a skirt. The golden fringes are combined with the rays of the crown and the light that surrounds the image; symbolizing the almond of solar rays, which in a dawn indicates the divine light that she shares.

Ra’al Ki Victorieux. 1996. Virgen de la Selva. Pintura en óleo / madera, 120 x 80 cm.

According to Mario Rojas, the name of Guadalupe is related to Nahuatl etymologies: Tle-cuauh-tlacup-euh, which means: The one that comes from the region of light, like the «Eagle of Fire». Since she appeared to Juan Diego in December 1531, to date, she is considered the protector of Mexicans; mestizos, indigenous, etc.

The Lacandon Jungle of Chiapas was declared a natural monument in 1992, despite its increasing destruction, it is the largest portion of the high jungle in Mexico. The Guadalupana in this image is represented barefoot, walking among large trees in the jungle, and observing the heights. Unfortunately; deforestation and other political and land ownership conflicts have caused extensive damage to the forest. The painter creates this work in a devotional way; due to the need to protect indigenous culture and natural resources.

Victorieux has also manifested her faith in the Virgin Mary through songs, one of them, with a rock and somewhat revolutionary nuance, is the piece entitled «La Alegre Ciencia de Ocupar las Plazas» (The Merry Science of Occupying the Squares), of which she has made various versions. Here we share two of them.

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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