Legend of Syrius (シリウスの伝説)- The Sea Prince and the Fire Child

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

Love can unite persons, and the lack of it can destroy families. Some romance legends, like the one of Syrius and Malta, are an invitation to sons and parents to increase love, and communication, and pay attention to hear the song of the heart of our beloved ones before is too late. In this story, the children of the gods of fire and water, fall in love and fight to stay together in the face of adversity. Romeo and Juliet also have this message, separated families were deaf when facing the romance of their descendants, so the tragedy was queen.

Legend of Syrius (シリウスの伝説)- The Sea Prince and the Fire Child
Legend of Syrius (シリウスの伝説)- The Sea Prince and the Fire Child

It has some very tender scenes of wonder, curiosity, and infatuation. These children learn that the other is not as terrible as they were told, in fact, they experience great joy and wonder, the marvelous of the first love. Nevertheless, the resentment in their parents’ hearts makes them oblivious to their child’s passions. Their little beloved friends make sacrifices to help them to be together, and the wise old turtle of the sea gives them advice. In the end, after the solar eclipse, and the terrible death of the lovers, the king of the sea sends them to the star we know as Syrius, in the belt of the constellation Orion. And it is said that the love of these young children, is what makes that star so shinny.

The movie Legend of Syrius/The Sea Prince and the Fire Child was produced by Tsunemasa Hatano and Shintaro Tsuji. Written by Masami Hata, and Chiho Katsura. The music is by Koichi Sugiyama. This animation film has the starring voices of Tohru Furuya as Syrius and Mami Koyama as Malta. It was released by Sanrio in Japan on July 18, 1981.

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