Meditation to Release the Warrior Lineage

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

I. Invocation

I invoke Father-Mother God, Love, and infinite Consciousness, and I ask the Supreme Being for his blessings to perform this meditation, that I may be completely protected. Thanks, blessings. I request the presence of my Higher Soul, of the Angels and Archangels who can assist me in unconditional love. Thanks, blessings.

I take a deep breath and visualize that I am a little one who connects through great roots with Mother Earth, who sends me her love through the roots, to my heart, my mind, and as a source, this love covers and surrounds me. I receive her blessings and unconditional love, which cleanses each of my cells, the organs of my body, the energy of Mother Gaia flows through me, heals and protects me. I thank Mother Earth, and I bless her with love. I smile, I bless her with regeneration and infinite love. I ask Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to help me, I breathe deeply to remove any cord or instrument of control of negative creatures, now, thank you. I thank and bless the beings of light for their assistance, and I send them light and freedom.

I visualize how each of my chakras responds to the love of Mother Earth, and of the beings of light. My chakras grow as iridescent luminous spheres, I smile, I am connected through great roots with the nurturing center of the Earth, and with the heart of the Sun and the Universe. We are united in a web of love and healing light, a bright, happy, sweet, loving liquid light, in iridescent pastel shades. Heaven and earth like to purify and nurture my heart, I smile. I perceive how a circle of light surrounds and protects me, due to the high vibration that covers me, I am protected against beings of darkness. Now I request ultraviolet light to cover my light body, and to be a spiritual armor. I feel safe, like in a cocoon of iridescent light. I request that this egg of light rotate around me and cast out any shadows on the move. I request that a second egg of light surrounds me and turn in the opposite direction, and be protection and barrier that can only be crossed by love and light. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I bless the Heart of the Earth, and the Heart of the Sun and the Universe with light, love, and strength. I bless all assistant spirits with iridescent rainbow light, unconditional love, certitude, and smiles. Thank you.

I kindly call upon a skillful and loving volunteer ascension group for each of the entities that we are to convene. I request spiritual security to avoid abductions, impostors, atmic slavery, forced reincarnation, or forced tunnels of light. Amen. I bless with love and gratitude all beings who have come to assist me to ascend souls. Amen. I permit myself to perform this healing on my behalf, on behalf of my lineage, here, now, and with influence in every direction, place, time, and dimension. I am part of my lineage, and as such, I can act for the benefit of the parts of the tree that are willing or ready to receive this blessing. In the name of the divine being that I Am, I use my free will, the energy of my will, my intention, and concentration for this healing. Amen.

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

Meditation to Release the Warrior Lineage. Atma Unum. Ra'al Ki Victorieux

II. Liberation of souls

I call out to the ghosts or souls that are affecting us, that perhaps have a grudge against my lineage, or that have found themselves tied to my tree by one or another situation. I ask you to manifest so that we can perceive you. Amen. We also request the presence of the souls of your loved ones, so that you do not have to leave them behind. That they participate together in this liberation process.

Now, I request that the ascension groups show these beings, why have they decided this life in the lower realms of the astral?, That it be pointed out to them how they affect the timelines of others. Please show them how they will be welcomed in heaven, and how happy they will be reunited with their loved ones. Amen. Also, show them how they can bring their loved ones and how you can all be happy reuniting with your higher self. Reveal how they will positively influence the timelines, especially in these moments of ascension and transmutation. Amen. In contrast, show the timeline that they will experience if they stay here. Amen. Those who are sex addicts, allow them to know how there’s the most pleasant act of love, the most beautiful bodies, and the most loving encounters. Amen. For those who have made mistakes and stayed behind because they feel guilty and ashamed of having harmed people. Remember that we learn through trial and error, humans do not know the future, asking for forgiveness and not repeating the error liberates us. Guilt only takes us away from the love of the creator, and from the love that surrounds us, and that is very sad. Drop guilt, ask for forgiveness, and request that your teachers help you cross to heaven. For the little souls addicted to alcohol, show them that there is summer nectar in heaven. And for those who remain behind for revenge, please ascension beings, show how their pain has already been paid for the damage they have caused, and how they create more negative karma by staying here, and show how the former aggressors, have already learned their lesson and have become more compassionate. Those who had slaves, tortured, betrayed, please apologize to those who victimized. Energy can thus be transmuted. Amen.

To the ancestors who want to live or have an agenda through us, please ascension team, show the damage they do by distracting people from their dharma. I request that your higher self come and help you ascend. To the monks and gurus, teachers, fakirs, etc., who still remain in the lower astral: You probably know that you should be in a higher vibration. We ask your spiritual masters to descend and educate you, ascension groups to point you where you can have more tools for transcendence and the expression of divinity. To the ghosts who are trapped by magic or rituals, performed in ceremonies that tie them to the exploitation of darkness. I request to Archangel Michael please free you from those bonds and condemnations of those forces. That any contract they have made through blackmail, deception, fraud, etc. be released and canceled.

We ask all your loved ones who are in higher realms, to come and greet you in ascension, to accompany you to heaven, even your pets, even maybe lost babies, to come and hug you, to help the release of darkness. and to the positive movement of energy. May the burdens on your shoulders be released, may a path be created for these little souls for ascension. When they reach the gates of heaven we can probably feel liberation, love, lights. It’s beautiful. We request that the gates of heaven, or the «airports of ascension» be according to the culture of the souls; be it temples, nature places, libraries, gardens, Amen.

Let’s see if there are no ghosts or little souls that are holding back or have been left behind. We ask them -why have you been left behind? And we ask the ascension teams to help raise them to heaven. If there are still beings who resist, we ask the ascension teams to help them and continue their light service, and to ensure that they do not harm us in any way. We ask security teams to protect the path of these souls in the light, without deviation to any kind of darkness.

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

III. Karmic Liberation from Ancestors and Past Lives

I set the intention to release the pattern of enmity caused by my warrior lineage. I send starlight to all my ancestors, I bless them, and I visualize that the energy of this light helps to remove the darkness of past generations in my tree. We released negative programs into the universe 7 generations ago, another 7 more, another 7 more, and so on until the very origin of my lineage. I bless the root of my lineage with light, with my breath I release all darkness and allow myself to receive more and more light and love. I ask for whitish-green light, light of green fire for all my roots and lineage, that fire and light cleanses our energy bodies and allows us to eliminate everything that must go.

I request Archangel Metatron to assist us, to illuminate our hearts and souls, to increase the light of our being. Please help us to purify all darkness of the lineage, of the family tree; May those who have made mistakes ask for mercy, that the person and soul that I am be freed from the actions of my ancestors, or those that I have committed in past lives, those that I can remember, or of which I am not aware. I apologize on behalf of my tree to those whom we have offended.

In this act of meditation, with the presence and assistance of the beings of light, I request that our lineage be freed from the archetype of war, violence, cruelty, selfishness, the bloody actions of killing or being killed in combat. I breathe deeply and let go of any energy of illness or death, may our soul and energy be saved and recovered through the cycles of life, may the angels of light save and protect us, may they lead us to healing temples, where we can rest, recover our light and vitality. I request the assistance of the healing angels, who hold large magnetic crystals, to help us recover our light, which we have lost due to abandonment, abduction, abortions, abuse of authority and of any other kind, accidents, addictions, adulteries, drowning, hangings, threats, murders, bullying, falls, celibacy, jealousy, censorship, blackmail, combat with any kind of weapons, inheritance conflicts, negative cords that drain our energy, severe criticism, crucifixion, blame, beheading, disappointment, denunciations, shedding of blood, wasting, bleeding, collapse, dispossession, debts, collapses, banishment, defamation, shooting, pain, drug addiction, confinement or imprisonment, physical or mental illness, including loss of speech, sight, hearing, or any other sense, cancer, insanity and any other disease of the family tree, deceptions, poisoning, slavery, stress, exile, explosions, coldness, fraud, frustration, beating, screaming, gluttony, childhood wounds, unwanted, unrecognized or abandoned children, humiliation, sinking in quicksand, hurricanes, helplessness, starvation, fires, incest, helplessness, indifference, infertility, infidelity , initiation, floods, stoning, crying, lust, manipulation, abuse, masochism, lie, sudden or violent deaths, narcissism, cruel words, losing one’s life for animals, persecution, poverty, plagues, pornography, prison, prostitution, bankruptcies, love rejection, grudges, theft or loss of property, breakups, sacrifice, sadism, secrets, kidnapping, negative or corrupt sentences or judgments, loneliness, suffering, suicides, submission and codependency, earthquakes, touching, torture, tornadoes, betrayal, trauma, sadness , revenge, shame, rape, violence in childbirth, I let go, I release us, I let the healing angels act.

May the light that we have lost in moments of trauma, in any place, time and dimension, be captured in such crystals and given to our superior soul, so that it is reintegrated to us when the moment is appropriate, when our light is purified of every hurt and pain. May the fragments of our soul and energy be healed and returned to us. Amen, thanks.

Thank you for assisting us in the liberation of everything that blocks our happiness and path; from dreaming or forgetting who we are, from not following our intuition, spirit, or higher soul, not trusting the movement of our divine being, resisting communion with spirit, resisting the full incarnation of spirit, denial of the interaction of the karma, use karma for intensity, use polarity to seek unity, resist divinity, infinity, and ecstasy. So be it. Amen. I release any mental structure that does not serve our evolution and ascension: instruments, beliefs, habits, constructs, old paradigms; I send them to the source, to the place where the stars were created. Amen. I also let go of all vows or contracts, promises, agreements, curses, obligations, and their effects; made to people, kings, queens, religious orders, spiritual paths, military organizations, banking or government systems through space, time, and dimensions. So be it. Amen. I choose to disconnect from collective beliefs, and programs caused by education, tradition, etc., which have been designed to make us believe that we are separated from the source, that our soul can die, that sickness and sadness are a normal way of life, that we have to suffer or we are not good enough, that we do not deserve all good things, that we have to sacrifice ourselves for others, I free ourselves from any victim consciousness, not having enough self-love, not loving and fully honoring what we are, feelings of guilt, weakness, loss of power, and any form of self-sabotage. So be it. Amen. I release any contract related to denying our mastery or sovereignty, not recognizing and using divine law and principles, keeping chakras or bodies separate, vows to ignore some chakras or bodies, parasites, fungi, bacteria, microbes, microplasma, or anything else that feeds on our being and bodies and is not aligned with our being and mission. So be it. Amen. I let go of the sins that inhabit us in cellular or DNA impressions, I send them to the sun and to the source to be transmuted, liberated forever, without return. May our karma be released, may we be at peace with ourselves and with all the souls with whom we have related. So be it. Amen.

We humbly request that we accept to release in ultraviolet light any belief in the law of violence or war. May we recognize that the power of love is the key to life and unity in the universe. May the path of harmony, balance, and peace be shown to us. Thank you for your assistance in healing my lineage and releasing all inherited family karma. I release my family and I release myself from it. I forgive and bless my family. I free myself and all my family members in ultraviolet light, from the beginning to my great-great-grandparents, my great-great-great-uncles, my great-grandparents, my great-great-uncles, my grandparents, my great-uncles, my parents, my uncles, to my cousins, my siblings, my children born or not, friends or enemies of the family, my friends or enemies, everyone around me and everyone, even pets, who at some point have been with me, with us, of all the unconscious programs that we have inherited. I release you and I also release myself, from any offense that another family or another person has received from my family or from me. At this time, in other moments and generations, so that the traumatic memories mentioned or to be mentioned are no longer inherited through me. I allow myself to get the mistakes right, to forgive myself completely, for all the roles that I have performed from the beginning and up to the present day. I ask every soul to forgive me for any harm I have caused. I ask the divinity to forgive me, to forgive my entire lineage, past, present, and future. So be it. Amen. I allow myself to experience liberation from all that, mainly from guilt, shame, fear, resentment, and its effects. May all pain be transmuted, harmonized, and received as teaching that drives us to grow through bliss. I can feel all those negatives withdraw, giving us a loving new space to exist in peace and joy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

IV. Illumination of the Heart and Goodwill

I request the assistance of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to help me transmute all energy in my present moment, in all directions, places, times, and dimensions in my lifeline. Please, Lord Jesus, keep me in your sacred heart and dwell in mine, flood each of my cells, and my heartbeats with love. Thank you for allowing me to affirm to everyone who knows about me, sees me, thinks, or hears about me: I’m sorry, Forgive me, I love you, thank you. I forgive and ask for forgiveness, I release and I am free. I deserve love, I deserve the life I have now, at this moment. I live in a magical universe, the power of love accompanies me every day. I return to the consciousness of unity. I experience through me the light of the universe and of the universal brotherhood that we all are human beings.

I call to the goddess Athena, the warriors of light, to accompany me with their wisdom and strategy, please provide me with an armor of light that will guard me against any low energy entity. I feel a helmet of light around my head, an armor surrounds my torso in front and behind, a shield of light protects me in all directions. Archangel Michael gives me a sword of light to cut ties or interference. The light protects my legs, my feet, my walk, and I can invoke it at any time of need. Thank you. Amen. I request to recover the positive qualities of my warrior lineage; resilience, courage, clear intention, persistence, skill, wisdom, and strategy, the ability to take action on my path to global service, the creative voice, qualities that I have inherited and developed over time.

I visualize that a crystalline and golden light surrounds me, like a waterfall that caresses my energy. I expand my energy, my light particles, the energy floods my spiritual, mental, and emotional body and expands, easily and pleasantly. I know that I am one with my body and higher self, and I appreciate the transmutation of all energy in order to bring me a high vibration of well-being. I feel good, I enjoy this transmission of light and limitless creation of joy and gratitude. Amen. I request the activation of the highest energy in me and in my tree, that we receive inspiration, protection, and guidance. I can see the light particles raining like golden dew on my tree. I ask the beings of light to assist us in awakening our spiritual vision, activation of the pineal gland, creativity, sensitive abilities, values ​​and virtues, generosity, and abundance. Thank you for sending us as much light as possible for us to integrate into our being. Thank you for the opportunities, synchronicities, and relationships that you send us to assist our life mission. So be it. Amen.

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya

V. Gratitude

Now I breathe deeply, I appreciate the assistance of the beings of light and Mother Earth for this liberation process. I return to the present moment, I smile, I take a deep breath. I appreciate the blessings. Amen. I bless all the souls who have traveled to the higher realm, the ascension and security teams, the angels and Archangels, the Supreme Being, Shiva, the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, Athena, the Tree of Life, and mother Earth. I bless my lineage and all my timelines. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amen.

I send blessings of love, grace, and transcendence to all the people who have thought of me, have seen me, read about me, heard from me, or met me in person or on the Internet. I send blessings of love, grace, and transcendence to all the people who will ever think of me, see me, read from me, hear from me, or meet me in person or on the Internet, in all time, space and dimension. I send blessings of love, grace, and transcendence to myself, sending this light to my childhood, my adolescence, my adulthood, and all the moments of my life, assuring me that everything is fine and everything will be fine. My conscience is clear, my body is healthy, my heart is full of love, I am free and happy. I am a powerful being of light and love; and I allow this power to radiate through me, in all times, directions, and dimensions. So be it. Amen.

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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