Merry Holidays, Blessings

Merry Holidays, Blessings

Many thanks to all the friends, collaborators, followers, readers, students, and clients of Atma Unum during this 2021, and also through the years of cultural activities. We send you a sincere message of gratitude, happiness, and blessings on behalf of Ra’al Ki Victorieux, and the entire volunteer team. The holidays at the end of the year, are a good motivation to find a way to reconcile with ourselves and with others. Jesus Christ reminded us that the truth will set us free. We hope that -among the gifts that these celebrations give us-, we find the way to our truth and freedom.

These days I would like to decorate a beautiful Tree;
a Christmas tree, a tree of life, a tree of lights,
of hearts, memories, and hopes.

In this tree live the names of all the people who have enriched my path;
those who are near and those who are far,
those that I always have in mind, and those that have remained as a distant memory,
those who have accompanied me to celebrate with their affection, and those who with their arrows have motivated me to grow and to overcome adversity,
because we are memory and relationships; the sum of our successes and stumbles, alone or shared,
For this reason, I thank everyone, each experience, and each person,
to the angels, to the spiritual teachers,
that they have added to the being that I Am.

The festivities give us a pause to reflect on the light, on the love that we are,
They induce us to seek peace within ourselves, to be able to cultivate it in the world,
to set in motion the power of love and intelligence,
in service to the Christic, Buddha consciousness; the Consciousness of Universal Love.

May you receive blessings from the Divine in these holidays, from the place where stars and galaxies are born, from the Great Central Sun, from the beloved Jesus, from God the Father and Mother.

May humanity be docile to the gentle guidance of light, love, and peace, may it receive health, abundance, abundant provision, and well-being.

May the wonders of these days permeate people’s consciences, and allow them to discover the great things they can do in life.

May the divine blessings of truth, justice, spiritual birth, resurrection, ascension dwell in every heart.

May the I Am within each heart expand, radiant, beneficent, with the authority to conceive, decree, and create peace, love, and enlightenment.

May whoever reads this poem wake up to his right and ability to be a source of love and peace in the world, to be the highest version of himself, in health and freedom.

Divine blessings, for all sentient beings to experience the Great Embrace of the Mighty I Am Presence, which transcends time and space.

Lovingly, so be it.

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Thank you.

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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