Today I Am Lucid and with a Fighting Heart

Sergio García

Poetry for the Right to Housing


They threaten to vacate me
uproot my heat
To put me as a thing on the sidewalk
I see through the window that they lurk
from their lean offices
apparently, I am nothing
I am nobody for that great capital
if they manage to evict me they will only remain
in my space nails and dowels in the walls
where before there was a memory will now remain
a bare wall
they can’t beat me
I hear a real song around
I do not owe
can not
put my books away
my things in cardboard boxes
I do not owe
can not
wait for the move to arrive
today I am lucid and with a heart in the struggle
my things are my sisters
I hope what happened to the worker does not happen to me
who says they came for the neighbor and nobody said anything
I’ll stay here
they won’t move me from here

Poetry, Housing Rights, Sergio García


We won’t take anything
because we arrived with nothing
here the flowers were withering
the wine ran out here
here there was no cheese on the table
then the flies fluttered
time passed on and over the couch, we put the body
on our naked body
fell down the water in the shower
the days went on
years passed
and the room became a home
and now they want to snatch the fire
remove the walls
demolish the peace


You smile
and you say convinced here I stay
nobody moves me from here
so it will be as long as the resistance wins
I’m iris
and Ki
I’m still here
between mantras and mandalas
I’ve been here
on the face of the earth
on solid ground
defending my heritage
I smile
looking from the window at the city
the cars
I see from up here
to real estate capital
how it threatens the inhabitants
with stripping them of their homes
with tricks as liens
here I stay that is the cry
the scream I launch from here
from a fourth-floor
from where I see the city

Sergio García Díaz

Mexican writer (Mexico, 1962). He resides in Nezahualcóyotl. He has contributed to magazines and newspapers. Part of his literary work began to be published in anthologies of stories and poetry (La semilla del árbol, Tú vivirás para siempre, Amar el mar). Among his published books we can mention Border Lane (Mixcoat, 2002), Dos entradas por un boleto (2002), Sueños de un chamán (Coyoacán, 2003), Pétalos de mar (Praxis, 2003), Animales impuros (2006), Alicia en mi espejo (Praxis, 2006), La pasión por las moscas (Fontamara, 2006), Cofradía de Coyotes (2007), Bajos fondos (Praxis, 2009), Agazapados (2011), Regueiras ( 2012), Briggete (2014), Ayac Nican Nemiz (2014), Basktage (2015), Hotel (2015), Nezayork (2016), Salir de la Caverna (2016). He has coordinated the Charles Bukowski Poetry Workshop and two poetry anthologies from the Charles Bukoswki Workshop (Hojas de verano and Allí donde suenan las campanas) edited by Las 2 Fridas.

Conceptual Manifesto for a Patrimony Law

We make this information public because we want to contribute to raising awareness of the unjust situation of thousands of persons in Mexico, we want to invite the authorities to give a better and more efficient response. We need a new and better Patrimony Protection Law that protects Mexican families. It is also important that from basic education are taught notions of legal defense. In addition; it is essential that the fight against corruption be done, and not just in words. We want to promote the right to housing. Find more information in this link

If you are creative and want to collaborate with a text or image, we invite you to participate in the

Thank you.


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