Conceptual Manifesto for a Patrimony Law

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

The city has a plague;
real estate corruption.
The world goes round and round
between pandemics and dispossession.
The screams of the people
and the deafness of the judges.

I’m sick of the pretentious imposition of a few big names, political, fraudulent, financial, bribery, cheating enrichment, abusive calculation and, of course, all the chaotic pornography of capitalism, the glory of those who have sold themselves, the silence of the innocent, of the vanity and the political and business ambition, of the bluff and the joke before the victims, of the self-centered avalanche, of the judges without humanity, of the boring morning propaganda of those who pretend innocence with their full coffers, and of the righteous being deceived.

Athena, Athena,
send your owl and open the door
Athena, Athena,
extinguish the web of corruption.

Also fed up with the shouting against culture and art, the programmed helplessness, the guilty omission, the poverty that seeks to condemn those who believe in utopia, the bureaucrats in culture who reject professionalism, specialization, who do not love books; fed up with the feigned preciousness of a series of parties that change their names but do not transform the abusive practices of dispossession, the rottenness of the cronyist and underwater corruption; fed up with all those demagogic and empty speeches of foolish politics.

The city has a virus;
the greed of some pigs.
The world is sick of bank abuses.
People scream in the street:
Justice and Restitution.

I am no less fed up with the abundant absence of solidarity, of the opportunistic dogmas of the jurists who, without serving the citizens, act as gatekeepers to make the authorities unreachable, who still continue to presume, of being able to put a moral constitution into practice, or to achieve development in a heroically vulgar reality, despicably radicalized, divided on pretexts without profit. I am fed up, above all, of the silence, of the artificial and hypocritical atmosphere of the so-called legal world, with its adulterated sentences.

Trustee, Realtors, Lend names, Candidates,
To the Ramos y Fushter and similar,
the world is waking up.
The blindfold has fallen, people already know it,
you have a price, and you are false.

I am no less fed up with the abundant absence of justice, despite presuming hope, that they are capable of making the most of empty words, slow, by dint of repetition and transmission. I would like justice to be fair, such and it is, without all the sick formalities and labyrinths invented around it. I am fed up with myself, that it disgusts me to see myself swept away by the overwhelming wave of deceit, abuse, and divestiture, and when I feel my profound helplessness. I am convinced, finally, that justice exists, and there will come a day, that the judges must be tried, that each of us must recognize our power and amplify the voices that make this possible. All values ​​and practices around the right to housing should be thoroughly rectified: Protect human rights! Listen, do, beyond speech, in reality, in the life of men, as in a solidarity prayer.

Your Honor, your Honor, who will judge the judges?


Join this conceptual work of artistic activism for the right to housing. Leave your work in the comments of this Conceptual Manifesto for a Patrimony Law. We also invite you to send your proposal in video, or audio, or image, or text, to with a short paragraph with your curriculum, to participate in the selection that we will make to publish works on

This project is to promote the right to housing and against real estate corruption, which brings together banks, lawyers and authorities to take away their homes from citizens. More information in this link ​​and you can also contact us by e-mail for more information.

We thank you if you help us to spread this call by sharing this message. You can also download the open call .pdf (English – Spanish version) at the following link:



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