Affirmations of Light and Love

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

I exist, I am a human being full of energy from heaven and earth.

I am a human being of great value, not only because of my body and its intelligence to maintain my life but also because of my life history, acts, experiences, a consequence of my mind and conscience, for my soul and spirit, and my immeasurable and eternal potential.

I am, now, fully accepting and loving all that I am.

I now release myself from all resentment or guilt. I let go of the past, because it was a chosen learning experience, and the past has no power over me.

I am a sovereign being of light and love, of high vibration, I am protected by light and universal love.

Affirmations of Light and Love

I am taking steps every day towards growth, unity, creativity. I trust that every step I take is guided and protected by the light and love of the galaxies.

I am one with the web of life, I banish all illusion or disappointment, I am totally safe to express my light, my voice.

Angels of ultraviolet light heal and purify my spiritual, mental, emotional, physical body, and I let go of all energy that does not belong to me.

I am ascending to a higher octave of light and love, I let go of all negative blocks, programs or agreements, in ultraviolet light.

I visualize myself full, happy, at peace, between soft and sweet perfumes, under the light of the sun and the stars, with the angels around me… I feel comfortable, radiant.

I am a sovereign being of light, beings of the stars accompany and protect my path.

Every step I take in life opens a path to more light and love.

I follow the truth of my soul, I trust my inner guide, I am protected, I am loved for who I am.

Every cell in my body radiates iridescent light. With each breath, the primordial energy travels the paths of my being.

I let go of any attachments to dark energy, negative karma, distractions, or useless entities.

I find myself living healthy experiences, connected with the primordial energy, connected with the authentic light of my higher soul.

I trust myself, and my ability to heal, to know, remember, illuminate, and radiate loving energy.

My spirit constantly spreads peace, my body knows how to stay in great health, I am a being of high consciousness.

I am one with the great energy of the sun that embraces life, flowers, and hearts.

I am in the consciousness of unity, each cell of my body provides light and vitality. I know how to cultivate the power of play, of joy.

I take time to read messages of light, faith, devotion, love, joy… I thus invite energies and voices to my soul, my mind, and my body. I read aloud, I enjoy and feed on these wonderful words.

I allow myself to express the sunlight through my feelings and joys. My actions manifest the love I have for myself and for the sentient beings of the world.

I find time each day to relax, give thanks, and rejuvenate.

I smile. I am light. I am love. I am.

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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