Flash TV Interview with Vamp Iris

We are here with Vamp Iris Atma Ra, at Flash TV studio, to talk about her performance XII, Duódecimo, Le Pendu

Audio Transcription

Queen – Welcome to Flash. Tonight we have a special guest her name is Vamp, and she has a video called XII Duodécimo Le pendú. Let’s go with her! She is Vamp, Yeah!
Q – Hello Vamp, tell us about your project.
Vamp – Hello Queen, thanks for the invitation. There’s already the premier of this project, which is a video for life and against death penalty.
Q – And why are you against death penalty?
V – Because we do support life and it is also made in memory of the hanged people and of the forgotten ones.
Q – Where did you record your video?
V – In the Romita Square, that is a place in Mexico city where in the days of the colony they hanged the thieves of Tepito, and also later in XX century there were government houses where torture was executed.
Q- Oh!
Cat: Let’s go to some commercials

Q – We have come back from some commercials.
We have a girl on line, who has a question for you, Vamp
Girl – Hi, good afternoon Vamp, could you say why do you film your video in zones
like that of the hanged people?
V- The hanged man is an arcane in tarot, it’s the number 12for that reason the project is called “XII, Duódecimo”, which are two forms to say the same, and it also has a relation with abortions or with the children who do not survive because are born hanged by their umbilical cord. The rope can have a meaning of death, when they hang you, before being born, as the boys who are born hanged, or who have a very complicated birth because of this reason, only one of each ten under this circumstance survive.Or, the people who exerting their right of life and free will can be hanged because they are consciousness prisoners or idealistic, they fight for freedom or against a system which they consider oppressive and the system represses them with the capital punishment.
Or because they are persons who do not believe in life and they are serial killer or they are dedicated to rape or damage persons and therefore they are also under capital punishment.
It is like saying; not because we reprobate the cannibalism we are going to eat the cannibals.
So, Not because we reprobate murder we all are going to kill, because being all part of a system which supports capital punishment.The hanged man has many connotations, as much of people who have fought for freedom as of delinquents, but in general, the project intention is to defend life.
G – Yes, I get it clearly, thank you very much.
V- Thanks to you, kisses.
Q- Thank you for calling girl. Let’s go to see other commercials!

Cat – We are back!
Q- Okey, we have more questions for Vamp, one of them is: what did you inspired at when you made your dress?
V – Good, the idea of the pirates always has fascinated me and another of the tarot cards is the two of swords, also because of that there is a dance scene with swords, it talks about taking decisions. When you see in the tarot cards the two of swords, it wants to tell you that you have to be calm about which is happening to you at the moment, because you have two options and obvious what you decide is going to affect your future.
Furthermore this idea that pirates were protected by the queen, independent of the fact that they sacked America. Later the same system, Spain or England did not recognize them anymore. Some are made knights, and some are not recognized and are imprisoned.
This makes you think that the justice system can be wrong or is voluble, and if justice system can be wrong, and it is the one that makes life or death decisions, and it is voluble, with more reason we should avoid death penalty, because there is not human who can have the wisdom to act with the necessary justice to take another’s person life.
When I thought about this and the hanged men I thought I had to use ropes or cords as dress elements, for that reason the cape is done of many ropes. It is a cape that seems like of a vagabond or octopus, I use it in some movements. It is silk ribbon knitted to crochet, and then the ribbons make long red & black ropes, and connect in a kind of necklace and that is the cape and its relation with the story.
Q- I find the explanation just brilliant.
Q – And I have another doubt, why do you act as kitten in a scene?
V – Well; mineral, animal, vegetable, human kingdoms, are just one kingdom, one universe, we all are part of it, and sometimes we think that humans we are superiors to animals, and in fact, the feeling us separated is what causes that we become cruel, because if in principle we do not treat with respect other kingdoms and we only see them as resources to explode, or as with the animals, to use them in farms or to kill them as food without the proper care, if we see us separated of them, there comes a time in which we also get separated from other humans.And as the life process, they say that first only existed minerals, natural elements, water… little by little existed plants, later animals, and the man. Also, the process of death is returning to be a little animal, soon kind of vegetal, and in the end mineral, because the latest that survives of a man are the bones. The people who face a long agony pass through a vegetative state, or first by a lost of consciousness or reason that is kind of an animal state. And also there is the idea that cats are holy animals, and that they can clean, and this isa place that has a very tragic history and it seemed to me, that it is one of the appropriate animals to use by its ritual and cleaning sense, and by the sense to integrate us to a whole.
Q- Ah, okey.
Q- And to say good bye, let’s dance! While they put music I want to thank you for being here, your video is so cool, it enchanted me, it’s the best thing, and I hope to see you soon around here with other videos.
V – Thanks, you are lovely.
Q – Okey, let’s dance!

Mexico 2010

Thank you. Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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