Canva, a tool in the design world

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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We’re becoming more visually literate, so we are creating and collaborating to stay updated. Canva is a design company, which can help you to empower your visual abilities to tell your story. Today, September 14, 2022, they celebrate «The Future is Visual«, an event to celebrate their history and share new projects.

Canva, a tool in the design world. Atma Unum

Some highlights. about the news on the platform are:

As they have the feature «photo background remover«, now they offer «video background remover«.

Presentations can be animated, even in maps, bars, so you can offer interactive data. You can drag a previous presentation file, record yourself, and edit it all in Canva.

At Canva websites you find pre-design templates, to start publishing. Also, you can see a Canva design website at:

Also, at Canva Print, you find options to design and print souvenirs such as t-shirts, postcards, albums, and lots of printed products for merchandising. You also can automatically fix issues on your design -as to move elements out of the danger zone-, before sending it to print. Every time you order some prints, they plant a tree, as part of the «One print, one tree» program.

Another product from their visual work suite is Canva Docs: there you can pop the design on your daily documents, with all the resources from Canva library. You can turn any doc into a presentation with a few clicks. If you want to join the waitlist to try it, go to

In 2 Community Marketplaces, creators and developers, can join Canva Creators. A content marketplace to create and earn an income is You can connect, and integrate, different apps at: App Marketplace. Any developer can build in Canva at Today, they launch the app «text to image«, to create unique images from a simple description in seconds, like a hot heart balloon over the Himalayas, or a panda riding a bike through a city…

Canva for teams, embrace the vision of visual communication, standing out through visual storytelling. Canva for Nonprofits is an effort to be a force for good, providing 50 free seats to registered organizations. Over the years 250,000 nonprofits and charities are registered in Canva, such as the UNHCR, and the World Health Organization. Another tradition is Giving Tuesdays, a holiday to celebrate common humanity.

Canva Create 2022: The Future is Visual

Au revoir dragons! I hope you enjoyed the lecture, please comment or share. I also invite you to support Atma Unum‘ work by purchasing our books at this link. Thank you, blessings.

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