The Story of The Four Candles

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

A Methaphor of our 4 Bodies

Do you know the story of the four candles? Four monks decided to practice silent meditation. First, each one of them lights a candle, at night the wind blow and the flame went out. The first monk says -Oh no, the candlelight went out! The second monk says -We are not supposed to talk. The third monk affirms -Why do you two break the silence? And the fourth monk says -I’m the only one who didn’t break the silence. Of course, all four talked and broke the silent vote. So, the lesson is that we suppose to be observing our life, mind, emotions, words, actions, to have authority over them, and don’t get lost in the everyday stimulus.

The spiritual self gets to choose how to respond to the environment. When you do not have a strong relationship with your higher self, you lost clarity, and then you talk in circles, during hours, without delivering the main message with clarity. Are your horses trained? Is your higher soul in command of your spirit, mind, emotions, and physical body? Part of the practice is to learn to synthesize, so when you speak or write, you remove the non-important parts, until you have clarity about the essence of your message, to express it. Learn to observe your body, emotions, and mind, so your higher self can have authority over yourself. Get to observe carefully your horses, your body, emotions, mind, and spirit, and learn to be the charioteer. You don’t want to be at the mercy of those wild horses, you must learn -in silence- to make your horses behave. So you will coordinate your words with your mind and higher intentions and values, and so speak only when is appropriate, at the right time.

The Story of The Four Candles

Command instead of React

For example; if you are angry and you decide to write an emotional letter. Let it rest for at least three days. So you can have fresh eyes and a perspective before sending it. Another example is to observe the difference between long text emails o messages of someone who is rambling but does not gets to the point. Observe, value your words as if you would be writing a classified ad, or an old fashion telegram, paying for each word. Then you will remove all the decorative ideas and recognize and only let the essence of your message. Think of a sculptor who creates masterpieces by taking the stone out from the big marble piece, they meticulously remove what is not needed, in the right place, in order to create a beautiful statue.

When you take a book and you read it, but you don’t understand it. That’s when the author has no idea of what he’s talking about. So no matter how much effort you apply to decipher it. Is like trying to see a clear image in a modern TV of content that has low resolution and low signal. No matter how much you adjust your TV it’s not gonna get clear. Because the problem is not your TV, or how much you try to understand a book; it’s the content that has not clarity. They are not clear on what they are saying, so no matter what you do, it’s not gonna be clear. You just can conclude that this particular book author, or TV content producer, has chaos. You are supposed to choose your masters whit intelligence; you are supposed to get smarter by learning from them, reading them, watching them, not dummier. If the author is in chaos but pretentious, then you feel silly cos you don’t get it, but if you ask someone smarter than you and they don’t get it either, the problem is the person writing.

Your soul needs silence, to step back, learn to observe, assess, process the information, find the right thing to do, and then direct the horses of the human bodies to act appropriately. Accurate perception involves careful observation, correct interpretation, and then correct expression. If your mouth is running a million miles by the hour it is difficult to observe what you say. Just watch the news; a lot of persons are not observing, they are simply reacting.

Be a Noble Charioteer

You are the one who must decide when you aloud your horses to run; that means that you can have inner peace; so you can decide when you tell your mind, emotions, and body to be silent, and when to act. So you decide when you give space to your needs. Easier said than done. You must learn to be a good and noble charioteer. To recognize your needs, and attend to yourself efficiently, without being trapped or overwhelmed in the chaos. You can get to the point, you can prioritize, synthesize, and move forward. Remember that all your words and actions are a reflection of your spiritual development, of your relation with your higher soul. Practice being clear, direct to the point, simple, and effective.

Evaluate yourself. Think: Last time, if I have to say something, how would I have said it? This time, how would I say it? If you notice you are getting shorter, whit the same content and clearer; then you are improving. If you are getting longer, just going around the circle, with things that are not relevant; you are going backward. We don’t need a novel if all we need can be resumed in a sentence. That’s why if you talk whit a spiritual teacher, they are persons of few words, they have clarity, you need to pay attention and unpack the essence. Train yourself to be a good author, a person of authority, know and master the subject you are talking about, command your message with clarity and quality.

Love, grace and transcendence blessings

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Thank you.

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

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