Conceptual Manifesto for Creative Solidarity

Ra’al Ki Victorieux

Collective art is a means of adding voices. New artistic genres, and advances in technology, allow us to create regardless of where we are. Conceptual art, network art, mail art, allows us to generate significant networks that influence social psychology. When a motive is powerful, it manages to unite creative hearts and wills. Beyond the diversity of creative genres, languages, territories, in an artistic process that uses the collective work as a means and not as a market object or as an end in itself. It is essential to promote the multiculturalism discourses, the unity of proposals for a better world.

Welcome the thoughts transformed into literature, the logical and philosophical conclusions, the syllogisms, the conceptual and artistic prose, the intuitive verb, the documentary memory, the beauty of the synthesis, the delicacy of the definition of the thing.

“The pitcher exists as a thing. The pitcher is a pitcher as a thing. But how does the thing exist? The thing “things”. “Thinging” brings together…”


We must activate a creative community beyond the mental, emotional, territorial borders; to be witnesses, to build a soul of the world on the plane of art. Intellectuals, artists, poets, let’s collaborate to honor the commitment to contribute to the birth of new realities, increasingly aesthetic, brilliant, and relevant. Together we can add synchronicities for the awakening and recognition of our abilities and capacities. It is important that we understand and value the vast scope of collective manifestations in art. We are multidimensional beings, we can invite diverse disciplines to artistic creativity, be it science, spirituality, semantics, logic linguistic clarity, grammar, mechanics, new technologies, and of course the ability to create and cultivate community.

Conceptual Manifesto for Creative Solidarity


Join this work Conceptual Manifesto in favor of Creative Solidarity. Leave your work in the comments, we also invite you to send your proposal in video, or audio, or image, or text, to with a short paragraph with your resume, to participate in the selection that we will make to publish works at

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Thank you.

Ra’al Ki Victorieux


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